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We need the CV axles, struts, and probably springs for a 91 Toyota Tercel 4-door all wheel drive (AWD) right hand drive (rhd) with manual trans and 1.5L 4-cylinder.

Would these be the same as left hand drive parts?

We are in Canada where left hand drive (lhd) cars are the 'standard' so left hand drive parts are easily available.
Some differences between LHD and RHD are obvious, like interior dash, firewall, steering mechanisms, brake lines/routing, but I wonder if there would really any difference on the modular items like the wheel brakes, engine/trans, springs, axles, struts.

We will probably need some other parts also.
Right now we're not sure if we should abandon the vehicle or repair it, but that will depend on the cost.

Thank-you for your advice/recommendations.
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