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Aisin is the transmission company that is really a subsidiary of Toyota which produces Toyota's transmissions. It's the same arrangement for Nissan with Jatco. I don't know specifically where the transmission manufacturing plant is but I don't know if that's really as big a concern. Aisin has had a pretty good track record with their CVTs unlike Jatco.

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I'd be curious where the parts are from also. Our HB is from Japan too. Be nice if most of the car is Japanese made, just a little more "insurance" for reliability.

My 2016 GTI was made in Mexico and had a bunch of problems, including a failed trans. The Golf R are made in Germany, and were statistically more reliable than their Mexico-made brethren, GTI and Golf.

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Be nice if most of the car is Japanese made....
I have a strong doubt this is the case today. However I believe the major complex components: engine, hybrid systems, transmissions, ECU are at least assembled in Japan.
What also makes a difference, IMO, is Japanese quality control.

This is the era of "global village" and Japan, being in Asia and so close to all these developing countries with pretty automated labor forces: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine etc - forget it - China alone can more or less easily supply whatever the Japanese choose to outsource.

On top of that Japan has an aging & declining population.

Take just the "non-techy" things for example: seats, panels, various parts, window glasses etc etc - I seriously doubt even 50% of them are domestically sourced.
Then what about all those small, light-weight low-tech mechanical & electronic parts - why not outsource them too for lower costs ?

There's a reason these "manufactured in Japan" cars, shipped all the way here are so affordable.
That reason also explains why Lexus are so much more expensive.

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Country of origin of the transmission should be on a window sticker. Now sure if it's on the main window sticker that you can potentially pull up online, but it is either there or on a separate sticker that you can see if you go to the dealer.

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CVT model number K313 based on Aisin's
AWFCW21 medium torque capacity CVT is made in Japan.

Aisin AW Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

AISIN AW CO., LTD.:The world's No.1 manufacturer of transmissions and car navigation systems

10 Takane, Fujii-cho, Anjo-shi, Aichi-ken, 444-1192, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a subsidiary of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., which belongs to the Toyota Group.
-The Company specializes in automatic transmissions (ATs), Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) and car navigation within the Aisin Seiki led Aisin Group.
-In FY2018 the Company sold 9.99 million automatic transmissions (ATs), which accounted for 16.4% of global market share, the highest among all AT manufacturers.
According to the Company’s own research, it sold a total of 2.42 million units combined of car-navigation software and systems, which is 8.9% of the global market share.

Consolidation of Aisin AW and Aisin AI

-The Company's consolidated subsidiaries in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Aisin AW Co., Ltd. (Aisin AW) and Aisin AI Co., Ltd. (Aisin AI) will merge effective April 2019. Aisin AW will be the merging company and absorb Aisin AI. The Aisin Group is targeting to improve the efficiency of its transmission business by integrating the activities of Aisin AW producing automatic transmissions (ATs) and Aisin AI making manual transmissions (MTs). Sales of MTs have been declining in recent years due to a rising demand for ATs in emerging markets. Overall optimization of the transmission business has been a challenge for the two Aisin Group companies. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on November 1, 2018)

May 1969Corporation established as Aisin-Warner.
Jun. 1969Launched operation as joint venture of Aisin Seiki and Borg-Warner.
Jun. 1971New head office and plant completed.
May 1977Entered into production of 03-50, world's first RWD 4-speed A/T with overdrive.
Nov. 1977Received Deming Application Prize (first receipt of the Prize by a US-Japan joint venture).
Jul. 1980Entered into production of 03-71L, world's first RWD 4-speed A/T with lock-up clutch.
Jul. 1981Entered into production of 03-71LE, world's first RWD electronically controlled 4-speed A/T.
Nov. 1982Received Japan Quality Control Prize.
Apr. 1984Entered into production of 10-40LE, world's first FWD electronically controlled 4-speed A/T.
Oct. 1985Received PM Prize.
Jun. 1987Produced its 10 millionth automatic transmission unit.
Nov. 1987Joint venture agreement with Borg-Warner terminated.
Jan. 1988Established AW Transmission Engineering USA, Inc.
Mar. 1988Company name changed to Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1988Received PM Special Prize.
Nov. 1990AW Europe S.A. established.
Oct. 1991Received Japan Quality Control Prize (the 2nd recognition).
Mar. 1992Established AISIN AW Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
May 1992Completed construction of the main building at the headquarters.
Aug. 1992Entered into production of world's first voice navigation system for Toyota Motor Corporation.
Jun. 1995Entered into production of 50-40LN, world's first FWD 4-speed A/T with neutral control function.
Aug. 1995Entered into production of voice navigation system for Equos Brand.
Jan. 1997Produced its 30 millionth automatic transmission unit.
Feb. 1997Acquired ISO/QS9000 certification.
May 1998Entered into production of NAVI-MATIC, world's first new concept A/T assisted by navigation system.
Jul. 1998Okazaki Plant started operations.
Sep. 1998Entered into production of 55-50SN, FWD new electronically controlled 5-speed A/T.
Oct. 1998Entered into production of world's first Q-System.
Nov. 1998Established AW North Carolina, Inc.
Dec. 1998Entered into production of 80-40LS, FWD new electronically controlled 4-speed A/T.
Jul. 1999Produced one millionth voice navigation system for the first time in the world.
Jul. 1999Acquired ISO14001 certification.
Oct. 1999AW Technical Center U.S.A., Inc. established.
Feb. 2000Produced its 40 millionth automatic transmission unit.
Jul. 2001Established AW Technical Center Europe S.A.
Sep. 2001Achieved Zero emission status at Okazaki Plant.
Jan. 2002Obtained ISO/TS16949 certification.
Jun. 2002Merged with Aisin AW Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2002Commenced production of TF-60SN , world's first medium torque capacity FWD 6-speed ATs.
Jul. 2002Established CVTEC Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Robert Bosch GmbH and Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation.
Aug. 2002Established Beijing ADF Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. (China) as a joint venture with Fujitsu Ten Limited, Yamada Corporation, Fujitsu (China) Co., Ltd. and Golden Software Corporation Limited.
Dec. 2002Commenced production of XA-15LN, small torque capacity continuously variable transmissions.
Jan. 2003Produced 50 millionth AT unit.
Apr. 2003AWQUIS Japan Co., Ltd. established.
Sep. 2003AW Korea Co., Ltd. established.
Sep. 2003Monozukuri Center completed.
Mar. 2004Tianjin AW Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. established.
May 2004Operation start at Gamagori Plant.
Jun. 2004Produced 10 millionth AT ECU.
Sep. 2005Commenced production of world's first Dual View navigation system.
Nov. 2005Commenced production of world's first 1 DIN size all integrated navigation system.
Jan. 2006Operation start at Okazaki East Plant.
Jan. 2006Produced 5 millionth voice navigation system.
Jan. 2006Commenced production of HR-10, world's first RWD hybrid transmission.
Mar. 2006Commenced production of NAVI-MATIC world's first navigation system-coordinated suspension control system.
Jul. 2006Commenced production of TL-80SN, world's first RWD 8-speed AT.
Dec. 2006CVTEC Co.,Ltd. is a consolidated company by capital transfer.
Jan. 2007Navi Technical Center completed.
Apr. 2007Started production of HR-10F, world's first hybrid transmissions for four-wheel-drive vehicles.
May 2007Established AW Shanghai Automotive Parts Trading Co., Ltd.
May 2007Completed construction of functional bench testing facility.
Jul. 2008Commenced production of the TL-80NF, the world's first AWD 8-speed AT.
Dec. 2008Established AW Hangzhou Software Development Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2009Achieved producing an aggregate total of 80 million automatic transmissions.
Jun. 2009Launched production of its mid-size capacity FF 6-speed TF-70SC automatic transmission.
Jan. 2010Launched production of its high-capacity FF 6-speed TR-80SD automatic transmission.
Aug. 2010Launched production of its HG-20 hybrid transmission for hybrid cars.
Oct. 2010Achieved producing an aggregate total of 10 million car-navigation systems.
Oct. 2010Launched production of its small-capacity XA-12SN CVT.
Jan. 2011Launched sales of its car-navigation app, NAVlelite.
Apr. 2011Established AW Suzhou Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2012Established AW Tianjin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2012Produced 100 millionth AT units.
Dec. 2012Commenced production of AWRHT25, RWD hybrid transmission.
Mar. 2013Commenced production of AWF6F25, Medium Torque Capacity FWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission.
Sep. 2013Commenced production of AWF8F45, High Torque Capacity FWD 8-speed Automatic Transmission.
Oct. 2013Commenced production of AWR8L35, Medium Torque Capacity RWD 8-speed Automatic Transmission.
Nov. 2013Commenced production of AWF6F16, Low Torque Capacity FWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission.
Nov. 2014Commenced production of AWR6B45, High Torque Capacity RWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission.
Jan. 2015Established AW (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2019Merged with Aisin AI.
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