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D/S Door Handle Replacement, HOW TO ?

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Viva CAMRY !

Started Out In A 91- V6 - LE . . .
Then Onto An 89 Honda Prelude . . .
And NOW I Am Rolling The Cleanest 92 (At Least In My State) . . .

There Are Two Issues Affecting The Pristine State Of My Vehicle . . .

The First Being The Driver's Side Front Door Handle . . .
- I've Ordered A New Handle From An AM Dealer, However I Have No Idea How To Install It . . .

Can Anyone Help A Brother Who Has Done Little To No BODY WORK / HARD MOD'S To His Cars ?

Thanks !

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This I did on my Camry 90 LE V6

On my Son's 90 LE V6 we replaced all.
I am not an expert, and this is just a guide you may consider.
This is the way we did it on the exterior handle:
Window glass up,
Removed little plugs that hide the screws that secure the door interior panel, and remove the screws underneath,
Remove the two screws that hold the door handle, Carefully ease up the panel so no to rip the slots that secure the panel snaps. Some will snap, some wont.
Once the panel is out of the way, look on inside of the handle and you will see two 8mm or 10 mm hex screws attaching the handle from the inside, remove them
You will see then the door handle is loose but wont come out.
When you examine it carefully you will notice two rods about 1/8 in dia attached to it;
they have 90 degree short bends at the end, and a swing plastic fitting that needs swing it out of position.
Once this is done, the little rods will come out of the handle.
I believe you also must remove the door lock cylinder. I replaced the old existing one with an after market one. I dont remember if it has a snaping wire clip or a securing screw.
Good luck with your project.
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Good writeup. I'd suggest a Hayne's manual.... And since I've had to do this TWICE (damn plastic), you might want to be careful of dropping 1 of the 2 screws that hold the door in place. And be sure the new handle you're getting has a little "shield" around the side that goes towards the inside, or else you'll have to put tape around the outer edges to ensure water stays out....
Wow . . .
Thanks For The Advice !

Is It The Same On This Generation Has The Previous Gen That jORGE Worked On ?
Hey Thanks . . .
Does Anyone Else Have Any Furthe Suggestions ?
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