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Having the truck lifted (Camburg 2.5'' w/Camburg UCA up front, Bilstein 5100's in rear with 1.5'' block), light bar installed, and four Hella 4000's put on today. The shop gave me a call and said "you might want to come down and look at this light're not going to like it".

Light bar was all mounted up, no lights on it. Give it a light smack with your hand it and it'll sit there and spring back and forth for a good 10 seconds. Turn the truck on and it would vibrate. This is WITHOUT the lights on it.

It was on there tight. The bounce was originating from within the bar, not at the mounting point.

The fabricator just said, "to be blunt", that the materials were shit. Thin and cheap metal.

So, I'm going to have the shop fabricate a light bar for it. It'll be kind of similar in design except it will cover a little more of the front bumper. Going to cost about $600-650, they're going to return the Dakar bar and aren't charging me anything to return it.

Just thought the information should be put out there. I'd hate for someone else to buy a Dakar bar only to find out it's going to bounce all over the place.
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