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Damage report?

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This truck is for sale, owner says it wasnt in an accident but needs front end work.
Does anyone see anything tweaked?
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I'm presuming this is a 4WD based on the grab handles in the cab? Are you looking to restore it to running condition or fer parts? ;)

Just a quick look... ;)
Left fender seems to be a different color.
Left hub assembly is on the ground. Where is the brake caliper and hose?
Right frame extension is beat up. Won't happen unless it struck something.
Left frame extension looks bent down.
Left upper and lower ball joints missing.
CV axle is on the ground.
Obviously the fender, air dam, left parking light, and both turn signals are missing.
Why would the grill be all cracked up?
Antenna is missing.
A few bolts and hub grease cap are on the ground. What other critical bolts are missing?
Pliers on the dash?
Right side rear slider is not the same tint.
Left tie down hook is missing.
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I didnt want to say anything just to see what someone else noticed but the frame extensions caught my eye too.
Good eye Bam!
That must mean some frame bending too, I think.
Id have to talk the guy down. I wanted the whole truck but with a frame bend, Id just be buying the drivetrain.
Guess Ill pass on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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