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I got off work and while I was walking to the parking lot, I noticed that the little black vent behind the right rear-side window was gone. I guess someone needed it for their MR2 or they're just hating on it. Anyways, do you guys know of any sites so I can replace it. It's bugging me and I want to keep my car in top condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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damn thats fukin gay....damn haters hatin on the deuce man...
That is really low :(

... there are lots of parts cars out there. I am sure you can find one. Post on xcars or the WTB (want to buy) forum on the mr2 board (
its sad that its prolly another mr2 owner that took ur vent....hope u can find another one......
I get most of my replacements parts from the local junkyards
Cool. Thanks guys
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