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I recently noticed my 92 Camry SE V6 temperture has been dancing from normal temp where the arrow points at about mid way to 3/4 the way up. it's kind of weird, when i'm idling with or without the A/C, it goes up to 3/4. But when I drive it's goes back normal.
I live in hawaii and not sure if that matters. I'm I damaging the car in anyway? Should I take it to the repaair shop? Any ideas why it does this?
I had a valve job and adjustment, all belts, seals, water pump and msic. parts changed at the timing belt service done about 5k miles ago. I have about 108k now.
Please help....


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firstly are you blowin white smoke out the tail pipe ???
second I suggest doing a compression test

1) could just be the electronic connection to the temp gauge
2) could have something wrong with your radiator ( might be all gunk up and starting to plug up)
3) running low on radiator fluid
4) fans arent working properly ... not enough flow to cool your coolant down at a stand still
5) the worst blown head gasket on the water side...

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do this, when it starts warming up turn your heater on and see if that does anything, if you hear water rushing then you have air in the system, if not its the same remedy both ways, just make sure it has plenty of coolant, if you want to fill it yourself buy some premixed or mix some coolant and fill it from the upper cap, not the radiator, you could also put some in the plastic coolant return but not too much or else it will overflow making a big mess and leaking antifreze all over the place

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Water Temp Canges

Out of my experience, the Water temp changes like that when one of the following occurs:
a) Water level to low
b) Air in the cooling system
c) Water pump defective
d) Thermostat stuck
e) cooling Fan sensor defective

Check those points and let me know

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Have the same problem...was told it's most likey my "Coolant Temperature Sensor" It was acting up for a while then I judt disconnected it and tried to just blow on the connections and it doesn't do it as much anymore.
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