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***Darknights Pics***

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For all who attended darknights, throw your pics up here.

the TRD booth had the hottest models byfar.

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i can't see any of the pics...

It was the first time i went to Darknights. And GM was doing their first appearances...i've noticed their cars are slowly becoming to look like japanese import cars.

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Slaughter said:
Very nice Phi ;) Any compliments on your banners? :D Didn't use the back? what about the hood? :D
The banners did a great job getting ppls attention and promoting TN. I didn't put on on the rear 'cause I thought it was a bit too much. The "TN" ensignia (sp?) is on the hood. You don't see it much because the hood was up most of the time. Itchy dissed it and said he didn't like it though :(
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