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dash kits..advice, info, etc ???

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Hey peeps,

Anybody have any feelings on the aftermarket dash kits? I was considering getting one (chrome or aluminum finish, full kit) and i was just wondering what you guys thought.

Just wondering as to their quality, if they look good, or if anyone has had any experience with them. Are the finishes that you get from a dealer laminates also?

any preferences as to brand or manufacture of the laminant? I see some as cheap as $200 and some up around 400 ish. There is one store that adverties on this site, or something like that.

any thoughts are helpful

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...what year/gen?
i drive a gen 3 with a real carbon fiber kit in it and i love it. my girl has a 97 celica that we just put a brushed aluminum kit in and they both look great.
as for price range i spent like 350 on mine and 200 on my girls and there is a diffrence in quality and fit ment. fit ment is that a word? :disappoin any who i cant picture my car with out a kit in it and the one in my girls really made a diffrence.

i cant remeber where i ordered mine from maybe dash trim or some thing like that
i have a camry LE '06

i was mainly wondering on just the overall quality of the laminants and whether there was difference in the more expensive brands.
sk8chip98 said:
fit ment is that a word?
it is when you put the two parts together, haha =)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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