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Dash lights

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So i was out on a shift delivering pizzas as i have done for the last month or so with no problems except one minor one wiht a lgiht ppole screwing around..but yeah i go to start my car and all teh lights (battery , ebrake, seatbelt etc) come on then go off...except the ebrake and battery. i checked my ebrake 1st and it was down all teh way.i figured maybe because i was low on gas that those were the warning lights or something (i dont know what i was thinking) so i went to fill up with gas..i put about 1/2 thank in and all was fine till i pulled out of the gas station parking lot they both turned on again and cut out sometimes...after a few times of this on again off again shit they finally went out and are off as of home. anyone got any idea what the problem is.

Plus do i pop off my window crank and door handle too get my door panel off?
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happened again today..checked everything and i need an alternator..anyone know how big of a job this is to change and a price on one?could i just replace the brushes or would it be better to buy a whole new assembly?
the light that says "BRAKE" is an indicator for the e brake, but also is a warning light for the brake system. id check the level of fluid in the resovoir(sp?) and make sure you dont have a problem with you brakes
You are correct that it is the alternator at fault. Yes you can replace just the brushes. Look at the stickied thread 'do it yourself' for a link to the thread with pictures and details.
yay..uhh i was checking it today i know a mechanic and he has a clamp on ampmeter and my alternator is it was a grounding problem for the battery...corroded to hell and all is well as of right now..maybe tomorrow will be different.
update: ran it on teh SUN machine at school. my alternator is runnin intermitantly...goin to buy a set of brushes from Toyota this weekend should this fix it?
Probably will, don't forget to clean the rings they ride on.
when the bearing goes does it squeel at higher rpms?
That sounds more like a loose belt.
nope it not loose at all...if anthing its too tight
Tyler just buy yourself a reman alternator and be done with it. The brushes from Toyota are almost as much as an aftermarket alt. plus much easier to install than doing the brushes on it.
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