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Toyota Tundra 2004 5.6 v8 (Wiring Issue 2nd to in dash burn post jump/dead battery).

Ok, I am going to be as detailed as I can because I really need your help on fixing this problem...or at least identifying it. is what led to the situation. I left my lights on which caused my battery to die. After about 2 months, I finally
tried to jump start. The cables were correct, however, like a moron, I had the jump vehicle on when I attached the cables
to the dead battery. As soon as I completed the circuit, the alarm started to sound and there was a good deal of smoke
inside the cab under the steering column. I quickly disconnected everything and waited awhile. Also, I went to have the
battery charged which happens to be completely dead. I purchased a new battery and installed. All the lights come on,
inside and out. I checked all the fuses, inside and out. No problems. However, as I turn the key, I can hear the engine trying
to turn over, but never does.

I then looked under the steering column and found the wires that burned and caused the smoke. I pretty much isolated it
to a white plug with about 15-20+ multi colored wires coming out and leading upward into the actual column. There are
several of these white plugs which measure about 4mm x 18mm (rectangle). This particular one is the furthest one facing
the gas pedal / front of the vehicle.

Anyone know what this could be and how to begin diagnosing and possibly fixing this? My first thought is to try and simply
unplug this particular plug and see what happens...if nothing then I was going to take off the dash and follow the plug and
wires to where ever they lead and see about replacing the plug completely. Of course, while there, I would hopefully see what
this plug powers and attaches too which I am aware could be shorted too.

Thank you
James T
[email protected]
Toyota Tundra 2004 5.6 v8
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