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Datsun guy needs some help.

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first off nice board and nice cars. :thumbup: But I am in need of some assistance. I've been talking to a few people about getting rack and pinion on my dime and they pointed me toward you AE86 guys. I was wondering If you guys could do me a huge favor and help me out. I need the measurements of the your manual rack and pinion. mainly length to see how much longer/short it is over my steering linkage. thanks for the help. :clap: :thumbup:

1971 Datsun 510. (ateast its not a Honda :D , wait nevermind, my wife drives one of those.)
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RA24_4_Me said:
Someone on here has got to know.
thanks for the help man. :thumbup:
You'd be better off trying or ..mroe Old schools there.
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