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Daydream- mod wish list

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I'm sitting here at work just messing around seeing what I could do with my car if I had some extra funds layin' around.

Short of kidnapping Tony the Tiger and forcing him to build up my car :D here's what I wish I could reasonably do...

URD fuel upgrade (pump and injectors)
JPP Headers and exhaust
[email protected] , head, fuel filter a lines
Element's Sparco seats
XenonDepot HIDs
VIS CF hood
Gauge pod and guages
5 spd tranny
Neon underbody kit

What are some things you wish you could get for your ride?
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Oh man, what I wish I could do with my car...
Get Dual 48mm DCOE Webers instead of my one 45
Buy a 2TC head port and polished, from
Get a performance cam
Racing Beat ignition wires
GReddy, or HKS turbo and intercooler
Stage 1 nitrous system, dont care whether NX or NOS
I'm getting my header soon, but for the hell of it, PaceSetter 4-2-1 header
Flowmaster muffler

I have big dreams for my car, but a very small wallet, I'll probably never even see a turbo near my car in my lifetime.
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^is this your "real" dream cause it was mine:(

for the wagon:
true dual exhaust(as soon as i can figure out how)
1.8inch lower in the front
1.5inch lower in the back
97 camry whiteline rsb

these i plan to get and install them at the same time even if it's piece by piece :D :
supercharger 7psi
3mzfe block + 1mzfe head(if they fit together)
5spd tranny(as soon as this auto kicks the bucket)
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I have big dreams for my car, but a very small wallet, I'll probably never even see a turbo near my car in my lifetime. [/B]
You and me both bro! Keep the dream alive. Even if you never reach the turbo, have fun learning and getting there.

What's the hurdle with dual exhaust? The Spare tire tub?
Chop your's free
rsb isn't that expensive. Turn a few tricks
Why not be different and try to showhorn a 5VZ-FE in?
id be happy with:

new rims
really good tires
aftermkt springs/shocks
a bunch of stuf to improve handling

and an entire new shell on the car, small scratches and stuf everywhere :(
id like to add about 30 hot asian models to my car:D
for the rsx, i'd like a K20A (type-R yo!) swap, some RS watanabe cyclone wheels, in 16x7, a drop obviously, my vis cf hood, a hid retro along with an LED setup in my tails. Re-map the K20A the way it is in the Lotus Elise to make 240, then bolt on a JR race header, Borla exhaust, Injen intake.

For the camry, i'd like it to run first, then i'd like to replace the 2VZ with either a 3sgte or a 5VZ

EDIT: i forgot to add on the RSX that i'd retain the black sideskirts and front lip. I'd rpelace the interior interior with black cloth, and use a base model 5-spd shift knob instead of the 6-spd. I'd also use teh base gauge cluster, and replace the valve cover with teh base valve cover for a total sleeper look. Maybe replace the R manifold with a base manifold (base is plastic, R is metal) set in the short runner position, unless thru proper tuning there was a way to make it switch btwn the long and short, cuz i think it uses the same signal as lift does
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18" volk gtns...
CF hood....
brembo big brake kit...
every avail DEFI guage...
a set of Brides or Recaro SRDS...

thats it....every thing else i wanted....already have....

i just remembered...the one thing i truly would love to have...but could never a nice hoo for mid engine layout only for this reason.....
^ Meh... you can always go trunk mount. Do they even make a brembo kit for our car?? Iv'e only seen the Rotora's as a big brake kit.
Advan RG wheels w/ BF Goodrich GeForce tires
RIPP Mod header
Big brake kit (if they ever gonna make one lol )
5 spd mannual tranny

yup .. enough dreaming.
now where's my trd kit, is still not here yet !!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
ishcoleobo said:
^ Meh... you can always go trunk mount. Do they even make a brembo kit for our car?? Iv'e only seen the Rotora's as a big brake kit.
trunk mount doesn't look as aggressive as a FMIC...whenever i see them on any other car..makes me drool...
i would love to have a full 3SGTE swap along w/5 spd tranny in my camry ahhh nice dreams :loove:

after some unfortunate circumstances mostly called "laid off of work" the MR2 4AGZE swap project is on definite hold but i hope that dream will become a reality someday soon :)

on my hubby's '96 integra ls i would love to do a DC2 swap complete w/mugen parts, mugen twin loop exhaust, etc etc but keep the exterior the way it is plain & simple :)

who knows maybe someday ...

if i ever had the money to do the big time mods i wish i had, id just go out and buy me a track model z
new oem springs all round
tokico blues
whiteline rsb
kvr ceramic brake pads
maybe some 16 or 17 inch rims,

and of course more power and 5spd swap, but none of this will happen, i'll probably save money and buy something smaller (been leaning towards mid 90's miatas lately)
i'd be happy with my car if it:
-had a nice set of 18in Konig Appeals
-Aftermarket springs/shocks
-leather interior
-full sound system
-new windshield wipers
-and a dent poped out

thats pretty much it but either way im happy with my camry
I would be happy with my car if i could actually drive it...:eek:: :(
1.) Springs/struts
2.) New wheels and Falken's
3.) Short throw shift kit
4.) Exhaust system
5.) Have my mechanic completly shake down car and fix EVERYTHING he didn't like, and tell him he gets 110% of all the prices to motivate him :lol:
6.) Window tint
7.) TN sticker :thumbup:
8.) Go to Subaru dealer and buy an STi
9.) Have Vishnu do whatever they wanted to to the car
10.) Driving school
11.) Ferrari 420 Mondena pre-order

(well, 1-7 at least)
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w00t, I own page 2!!!

And, this is my 999th Post!
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