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Dead 22R carbureted P/up

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Hello. This is my 1st forum environment, so go easy on me.

I recently purchased a 1990 Toyota pickup (22r – carbureted, 5-speed, 2wd, AC, PS, PB). It needed a head gasket (which I replaced), and also replaced the plugs, cap, rotor, oil and filter, air filter and PCV, fresh tank of gas and fuel filter.

The truck started and ran great afterward, but after about 20 – 30 miles of local stop and go traffic, it became progressively became harder to start. Eventually about 120 miles later, it died on the way to dinner (of course) one evening. I checked and had spark and fuel. I discovered fuel in the emissions control tubing at the EGR and the secondary fuel pump connections. I figured the diaphragms in the carburetor had gone uhm-ba-bye.

I installed a new Weber 34/34 carb kit, and made sure the timing was TDC on the cam, crank, and distributor. It still will not start. Is there a relay, fuse, or something to be reset on these beasties?

It’s been a long time since my last project, but I am reaching my wits end (not that far to go), and I don’t want to bail on this one. Any advice will be appreciated.