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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone thinks that the new toyota have a bit of a dead spot in the throttle when you go really put your foot to the floor,
I have the dual exhuast and the air raid filter on my truck and tend to drive it like i stole it all the time, I love to hear the sound of the truck when i take off and pin it, but it sure does have a big hesitation spot in it for about 3 inches right in the middle of the throttle, it seems to respond a bit right off the hop and then it waits around for a bit takes a coffee break and then races to to catch up to itself a few seconds after the pedal has been sitting on the floor,
I did have the torque converter replacved in my truck, but i really dont think that would make the difference because it was like that when i bought it, id do have the 3 inch rev tech leveling kit and the 33 inch tires as well, that may make it a bit more sluggish as well in the mid range.
I hope one of the aftermarket companies like super chip came out with a chip for these things soon so I can clean up this dead spot and make this thing beg for mercy,
I was reading on the prevoius forums about the gas mileage on these things, it cost me 100 bucks to fill mine and thats a 1.18 a litre, which is 4.72 a gallon for all the us guys down there, and the last tank lasted me 375kms which is only 234 miles, works out to 11.14 miles to the gallon, these things are massive massive fuel pigs.
Dont buy one of your looking for fuel mileage but if your looking for something that sounds like a race car with some aftermarket parts on it and looks good grab one.
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