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I have an '85 Corolla SR5 hatchback. Does anyone know where i can find original or facsimile decals? The car is red with two white decals on the back, one reads, "SR5" and the other, "COROLLA."

This car looks just like the "Sprinter Trueno" in Gran Turismo so it would be even cooler if i could find the Trueno decals.

Is it all just a wishful dream?:confused:

Thanking everyone in advance...
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You can check EBay or you can look to see if the dealer still has stuff like that.
EBAY their is always sumone selling trueno A-pex or sumtain like that decals that or just go to a local decal place pick out color font and size and have them make you some not too difficult i had my GT-S custom made just sent them a picture of the original decals and they matched the type of lettering perfectly for cheap to :D
custom made eh! I agree.... best thing to do!!!!!!
I think the custom decal is the way to go....personaly though I think it looks cleaner without all them stickers. thats how my 89 gts came.
yeah like maybe one decal, the one you have the most stuff from.
that looks good to me, but of course with cars that have new paint it's good to replace the model name.
well what i did when i painted mine was just steal a toyota emblem off of like a 96 corolla glue it on the left side of my trunk had CUSTUM made GT-S decal made for the right side and from ebay i bought 2 TRD emblem/badge and slapped them on each fender my advise and is kinda funny is not to put corolla decals on it as ive had many people come up to me before even putting decals on my car ask what the hell my car was sum though an old subaroo or even a mazda hahaha but since i got TRD and GTS people think its a celica so it keeps people wondering but its all up to you
umm... your car isn't a GT-Apex and it isn't a GT-S which is the GT-Apex estimation... so why put it on?

look on under the parts for sale section to find those stickers and stock ones... someone always has em.
i'm in the process of making a set of TRUENO decals for TRDragoon's AE92.. if you're interested i might be selling a couple on this board..
You know what I thought might look a stenciling of the word corolla on the back of the know like the old celica's had....:cool:
micro214_kp61 said:
i'm in the process of making a set of TRUENO decals for TRDragoon's AE92.. if you're interested i might be selling a couple on this board..
i'm down for a set!!! PM me w/ price!!! :thumbup: :eek:
try this:

thanks to Jeff :thumbup:
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sleepy... thanks for that man!

is your red car the one Itchy was driving for a while there? if so, i need to see those back decals again coz i've loss all my files from my computer crashing down. i need them to start again, don't tell Itchy though coz he'll kill me, hehehehe!
Ches! Jeff?? I made that!
4Aaron GE said:
Ches! Jeff?? I made that!
oh shit, seriously?! he never really told me where he got'em from, and they did look familiar from the other file you sent me awhile back! i still haven't recovered it after the reinstallation :hammer:

micro (mike?), i sent you another file on DK. but i don't know if itch has had his hands on my car, but it used to belong to ekvtec. i wanted to get my body done & decals replaced, but alas - ran into bling issues, & then itch of course beat us all to it :p:

wow thanks everybody for all the great replies!!! in the end i agree with Snip3r... looks better without stickers. I spent a few hours surfin for pictures, and the majority of custom-job Corollas and Truenos had a clean back end!

jayboogie, it's all about illusion... and why not? it's nearly the exact same car in appearance, kind of the watered-down for the American consumer version. No need to take things so seriously. Heck, i don't race this care, i barely take her out of the garage!:lol:

thanks again everybody!
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