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I am really considering selling my 92 NA mr2, and just buying a 93 turbo. I am curious what you think I should put as the asking price.

Here's a list of what it has:
-Turbo rear strut brace
-2 polk audio speakers in the doors
-600w amp
-2 xplode 6x9's in rear compartments behide seats
-pioneer cd player
-leather seats
-new tires
-new brake pads
-just had oil changed
-fairly new clutch
-Power everything

Heres the problem:
-needs a new head gastket

Thank you I appreciate your help!

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The head gasket is going to hurt the price i payed 3,500 for mine and it had nothing wrong with it but i got a good deal mine is a 91 was a n/a and only had 55k on it but its a matter of finding the right person i would do 3,000 or start at 3,500 and let them talk you down to 3,000 if the rest of the car is in nice condition
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