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Started with Mint Condition crappy orange '78 P/U. Nothing fancy, poor fuel mileage, but very solid and dependable. 2 more P/Us 4 Camrys, 5 T-100s, 2 4Runners, 1 Tacoma, 1 1-ton Duelly Box Truck, and an '07 Tundra later.....
I'm pretty satisfied with Toyota quality. :thumbsup: My life is just less complicated by choosing Toys and only Toys. And I was confident that I'm not alone in this realization. Evidenced by this Forum. Thanks to all that participate!:clap:

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Welcome to Toyota Nation, Robert! I've got to admire a man who loves his Toyotas, and now it seems you've found your own little slice of Toyota heaven right here. Check out the different forums, and join right in. :thumbsup:


Thanks TrailDust. I've been on the Tundra Forum several times. Seems I have more Questions about that Truck. No problems, just questions.
Enjoy that new Highlander. Is it the Desert replacement for the Samurai?
Always great to have another Toyota Enthusiast on board.:hi:
You're experience with the many Toyota's you've owned is most welcome!
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