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Deep water crossing video... (snorkel almost too short!)

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Saw this on another forum. I'm sure when this guy built this landcruiser he thought he'd never use all of his snorkel. As you can see, he almost sank it.

That, my friends, is an awesome vid!
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yea it was sweet but ive already seen it, dumbass.....
:clap: for the video and :lol: cause youre a jerk!
that video was sooooo last year
jk, but i have seen it, but its always worth watching
I've only been a member for 8 months. :nutkick:
Screw both of you. :lol:

Just kidding... Just kidding...
great video, but definitly have seen it a few times already.
there is a sweet video of toyotas wheelin, but i cant find it. it was a pretty long video, does anyone have an idea of what im talkin about??

I've never seen it so I for one am glad you posted it. Pretty cool.
whatever maxpower, we dont care if you have seen it!!!!

Who asked you?
maxpower_hd said:
Who asked you?
:nutkick: :eek:hyeah:

....ummm......well...........SHUT UP!!!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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