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Define: Zenki vs Kouki

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I found these two words "zenki" and "kouki" on the RHDJapan website in the compatibility info at I also found few information in our forum. What do zenki and kouki mean for our Camry gen 6+? What are the differences between them? Any pictures?

Thank you very much!
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zenki is "earlier period"
kouki is "later period/final"


zenki for the gen 6 would be the gen 6
kouki for the gen 6 would be the gen 6.5

same generation(sort of) camry, with mid life differences

or something like that.
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Zenki = Pre-facelift model
Kouki = Facelift model

Here's some photos:



EDIT: Got beaten by Agent556 when I was uploading the pics to PhotoBucket :lol:
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I've noticed that those terms are use mostly by the old school JDM enthusiasts, namely 240sx and AE86 Corolla owners.
please don't use that term. we're not driving nissan.

Learn something everyday... Just waiting for njerald to reply with "another zenki vs. kouki thread..............." lol!

I must say that I still like the Gen 6 front vs. the 6.5
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