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Offering 1 Dension Ice Link Adapter - in slightly flaky condition. At
times, it won't turn on, or turns off mid song. But when it works, it
is much better than the FM transmitter type. Charges the Ipod, allows
changing songs via head unit, and can display song titles if the head
unit is compatible.

This is nearly the same page I saw when I bought it.

For compatibility, you need to have a late model factory Toyota radio
(2002 or newer I think), with a CD player, and a spare CD changer port
in the back. If you have a Navigation system, it will not work, the
spare port is used.

I have the factory directions, but nothing car specific. I used it in
a 2006 Tacoma, with a 3G IPod, nano, and Video 80Gb Classic. Wont
work with a shuffle, or 1G ipods (no dock connector).

$35, shipped to continental US, no international shipping.
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