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Depot Clear Signals and Corners Lights

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96 Camry part out

My car recently had a hit and run, it still runs but I'm not bother to fix it. The car would be sale cheap as-is or donate to charity. Before I do that, I have some performance parts and want to offer TN members first, locals take priority.

I'll sell the parts cheap but I'll also need buyer's old parts to keep my camry in drivable condition. Buyer will need to do all labors, I would help if I could.

1. Brand new Depot clear signal and corner lights for 95-96 Camry (Gen 3.5). Asking $40

2. 92-94 Red/Clear Tail lights with black SE back center panel (I would need buyer's older set). Asking $100 for entire set

3. Toyota TRD reusable drop in air filter with cleaning fluid and lubricants. (Iwould need buyer's old air filter). Asking $40

4. Toyota Gen 1 Solora TRD rear sway bar that's compatiable with Gen 3 camry with 2 adjustable setting (track/street) with bushing (I would need buyer's stock RSB). Asking $100 (Pending)

5. Strut towr bar with TRD logo for 4 cyl. Asking $35

6. 14" light weight alloy wheels with 195-70-14 Pirelli P4 tires. Each rim is about 10 lbs and about 30 lbs with tires. Tires are less than 10k miles (I would need buyer's wheels) Asking $100

7. Optima battery red top batter maufactured 4/08 (I would need buyer's old battery). Asking $75

8. Tokico HP Blue front (R/L) struts with KYB mount, less than 10k miles (I would need buyer's old struts) Asking $100

9. KYB GR2 rear struts with KYB mount, less than 10k miles (I would need buyer's old struts) Asking $100

10. Brembo drilled front rotor (R/L) (I would need buyer's old rotor) Asking $75

11. Braided stainless steel brake lines with red sleeve, front and back. (I would need buyer's old brake lines) Asking $50

12. Honda S2000 antenna conversion parts $30 (I would need buyer's old antenna, doesn't matter it is broken)
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Long Island City 11101, right before 59th st bridge to Mahattan.

Also, who ever is interested on the parts would have to be fast because I would get rid of it in this or next month. I have no preference on who gets the parts; first come, first served

I'm only available on weekend, so make appointment at 917 476 4564 and leave a message on what parts interested you with call back numbers. I would not answer call during work hours but I definitely will return your call when free
I'll take the strut bar. Shipped to 27310 please........
"iovaykind" from NY already made dip on strut bar and RSB. If he gave up on strut bar, I'll give you a shipping quote
hey, im interested in your mud flaps, are they for sale as well?
Do you need all 4, make a offer
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