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DESPERATELY NEED a Gen2 Camry Wagon!

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Well, my ill-advised trip to California with even more ill-advised traveling companions has wound up costing me my favorite car, a navy blue 1988 Camry LE wagon. I took a nap, they ran it out of oil and blew a hole in the engine the size of a golf ball. It is now a permanent resident of Seligman, AZ. If you need parts, stop by Precision Automotive there and tell them I sent you. Now we know the only thing that will kill a Toyota: negligence.

I had been looking for one with a tan interior but I'd almost prefer blue now, simply for nostalgia. Essentially I want to replace it with an identical car. I need a Gen2 wagon, LE trim level, 4-cylinder automatic in as nice of a rust-free, low-mileage condition as possible, preferably navy blue. (anything with blue or tan interior in a pinch though) A moonroof and luggage rack would be awesome.

I will pay good money and travel a substatial distance for the right car.

I have just gone through all the classifieds sites, eBay, and every single dang Craigslist city and have come up dry.

I' m currently driving my spare Camry, a real low-rent DX number with a maroon interior, crank windows, and a gas leak. Oh, and rust holes the size of my forearm. Help me!

I have a '90 Lexus ES250 in fair condition I'd be willing to include as a partial trade, as well as an '89 Toyota VanWagon LE with the dual sunroofs.

I'm in Milwaukee, WI. If anyone can help, I am standing by.

Thanks again!
-Tim Hansen
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Sorry to hear that.

How many miles on the wagon when they blew it up?

Good luck!
Go ATK or Jasper!

Hi Tim,

If the body and transmission are in good shape you might consider installing a reman engine from ATK or Jasper. At 185K miles I put a reman ATK in my 84 Tercel and it now has 369K miles! See links: 3 years and Unlimited miles
3 years and 75,000 miles

Hope this helps!
The car only had 214k on it at the end. I just put a used transmission in it last year. But the body really was rusted out and the LF suspension was kinda tweaked from a run-in with a curb two years ago. It tracked straight but the LF wheel sat about an inch and a half rearward of proper, scraping the inner fender when turning left. The body's not worth saving, and it's 2,000 miles away from me, so I'm calling it a day. I just want to replace it. It was my favorite car, though; I put over 60,000 miles on it myself since '02.
I found a tan 1991 LE wagon today with a V6 in Chicago for a reasonable price. It's more or less exactly what I want, just with the V6 instead of the 4-cylinder.

Anybody have a handle on the pros & cons of either? I like the fours, good power, great MPG, and easy to work on. I know the V6's are harder to work on and a notch down on economy, and only 30 more stock HP. Is it worth it?
I'm really sorry to hear of your friends' brain damage. That's a real shame they did that to you...

Why do you want a wagon? If you're hauling shit, I'd actually suggest the V6. They're not uber-fast, but they're torque-y. I pulled a full-size 4X4 pick-up out of a snow bank/ditch last year with no problems (mine is a 5-speed, most stress is on the clutch and not the tranny itself).

If tuition didn't have to get paid, I'd be looking for a 5-speed V6 wagon right now. I agree with you, they're amazing cars (aren't all Camrys?).:clap:
Hi TWHansen,

I live over here in Toronto, Canada. I'd be willing to search around this city for the car you mentioned. If I find one, would you come here or is Toronto too far?
Yeah, I'm not really crazy about paying over $1200 for one, knowing the decent stuff we've purchased for well under that....I'm going down Sunday to look at this '91. Wish me luck!
TBayToyotaBoy said:
I agree with you, they're amazing cars (aren't all Camrys?).:clap:
Yes they are, especially Gen2s! :thumbup:

I miss my 1988 Camry...:sosad:
I have never, ever seen a factory V6, 5-speed wagon. Reading over that chap from Australia's's got me thinking about it.

This will be one for the long term, I think. A thing to round up parts for and get to "eventually". "Eventually" being a good euphemism for when my brother finally buys that goddamn BMW M5 he wants and gives me his 4-cyl 5-speed '89 Camry Wagon as a driver.

I'll let you guys know how the test-drive goes on Sunday. If it checks out I may well use this as a base for a "best of everything" project. Only touch of sadness is I don't think that elusive digital dash cluster ever came on the V6. Oh well...maybe Indiglos then. Other problem is that the ES250 dash didn't come in the Camry shade of tan.

I do want to do up a Camry Wagon with digital gauges and ES250 dash, eventually. Time to start hitting the junkyards again...
TWHansen said:
I have never, ever seen a factory V6, 5-speed wagon.
They're about as rare as the 5-speed V6 sedans, but they're out there. The family I bought my Camry from also had a 5-spd V6 wagon, and I've been thinking about looking them up this year to see if they still have it.

Keep looking, you'll find yourself another baby.
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