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i have lately been experiencing detonation when i go over 10 psi of boost, not all the time, but sometimes, my entire ignition system save the coil is brand spanking new, i have an intercooler sprayer that i run and it isnt necessarily hot when it does it, sometimes i can run as much as 20-22 psi detonation free but other time i have some detonation at 11-12 does anyone know what i should do/check as a preventative thing?
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Well a few things: I would not recommend the Iridum plugs. I would suggest the NGK coppers (#6097) and gap them down to .028"

Secondly, I do not see a turbo upgrade in your signature.
Going over 15 psi on the OEM turbo seriously & dangersouly increases your likelyhood of detonation without a worhtwhile power gain.

The exhaust side of the CT26 (OEM turbo) is too restrictive to allow over 15 psi worth of boost out of the engine.

Thirdly, I also do not see an exhaust listed in your setup. The OEM exhaust would also be a huge bottleneck to your system and would drastically reduce the ability of your whole system to evacuate that much air.
brake pad oem matches

i know this has nothing to do with your thread but it seems u know your stuff. i need to know if there are any toyota vehicles that share the same oem brake pad with the 1992 MR2.
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