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Detroit NAIAS 2007

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Anyone going to the Big Show Jan 13 weekend?

3cyltrbo and I will be attending.
We're driving down from Ottawa on the 12th, staying in Windsor.
Maybe we'll hit the Windsor Casino on the Saturday night.

EKam ? Anyone from TO?

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I was thinking about ti since Im about 45 minutes away but its the first week back to school so I doubt I can make it :thumbdown

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I used to go there every year when I was in Detroit until 2004.

I even took a day off from work once to be there in "LESS CROWD" but it was still very busy. I tried the first day, the last day and all recommended routines but same SHIT.

I hate it.. can't stand it... U have to get in lines. No place to breathe or get through...

Can't they run that thing for two weeks so everybody in the world doesn't have to cram in there in 9 days.

If u r in there with a stroller or kids, forget moving any where. :thumbdown

I would rather have the dealer guys bug me when the car is parked at the dealer and now since the Toyota dealer sees me drooling on every car there everyday, NOBODY comes out to ask me for help anymore... LOL :lol:

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i wish. i have been going the past several years, but dont have time this year.

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I went last year for my first time and loved it. Friend of mine went to Toledo so I stayed with him. It was crowded, yes, but not as bad as other crowd situations I've been in so I tolerated it fine. We went on a saturday evening too. I hope to go next weekend, provided I have someone to go with. My buddy graduated from UT this past year.

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Guess I shoulda looked at this before I made the post in OT :D

anyways I'll probably be there, and hopefully my TN shirts will be in by then :D
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