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Any thoughts on if the TOY03-AUX works the same as the DF-TOY
(2007 non-JBL 6 disc)

The DF-TOY is sold out every where

I don't care that the TOY03-AUX has one vs 2 AUX connections
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call USA Spec directly and ask them. I couldn't get a DF-Toy anywhere but they had a few extra lying around and they sold me one directly.

Find out if the harness is the same...that will determine the compatability
I have the same problem...DF-TOY sold out everywhere. Wonder what the deal is with that??? I read something on another post referencing this product which operates similar to DF-TOY, This one is much more expensive though. I haven't had my Sirius hooked up since I got my truck and I need my fix...I'm considering just forking out the bucks for it.:confused:

I just finished installing the pie toy03-aux (
The temperature went up to 25 today so I installed it during the "heat wave".
Works great!! Thanks to the pics posted of how to do it. :clap: It took about 15 minutes.
I used a large off-set spatula to pop off the 1st cover. (Like for cake decorating).

Now my XM is in CD sound and not the AMist sound of the FM mod.:whatwhat:

Sooooo this answers the question of if the toy03-aux will work with the 2007 in dash non-JBL 6 cd HU. It does, just push the disc button and it switches from cd (in dash) to cd1 and XM sounds great!
The volume is a little lower than the radio. I have my XM2go set at the highest line out level. I will try my Inno sometime to see how my MP3s on it sound.
i have the pretty good had no trouble with it had for almost 6 r 7 months.....but i am thinking of selling it to get an aftermarket deck just so i can get better sounds with my setup im building rite now other than that i had no regret of buyin the df-toy

NOLA DUDE - if ur interest of getting the df-toy i mite part ways with it depending on how i feel at the moment
Sorry, I'm not interested in the DF Toy anylonger. I ended up purchasing the PA11Toy (Ipod & 2nd Aux). It seems to be working pretty well so far, so I'll stay with that for a while until I decide to upgrade to an aftermarket system. Thanks for the offer though.

If any one still is interested in the DF-TOY just got this email from Crutchfield:

Hello Electronics Fan,

Thanks again for shopping with Crutchfield!

On Jan 15 2007, you asked us to send you an e-mail when the USA Spec Auxiliary Interface Toyota, item
number 581DFTOY was back in stock. Good News! These are in stock and ready for delivery (supplies
may be limited). To place your order immediately, please call 1-888-955-6000 to
reach a Product Advisor.

Prefer to shop on-line? Here is a link to your item on our web site.
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