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did my battery die?

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hey guys, just wondering before i go and buy a new battery and install it, if it sounds like my battery died...

i put in the ignition, and turn the key to start the engine, and all i hear is the click of the starter. im not sure if it is the battery or not, because with a toyota i have never had this problem before. haha

i might have to end up calling AAA tomorrow and see what they can do to help me.

so does it sound like a battery problem or something more serious? once again, when i turn the ignition key, all i hear is a click, click, click, click of the starter or something trying to start the car, and it seems like that there is no power to the car.

help would be appreciated.

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do the dash lights come on?

no = battery

yes = possibly starter. that click is just the solenoid.
one of a few things. a loose cable coulda caused it to drain, a bad alternator could have caused the car to run on the battery alone. (and b4 anyone tells me its not possible, it is. lol ive seen it) also check the connections on the alternator. is there any corrosion. check the water lvl inside the batter as well. im sure you have done some of these already, but just in case. hope any of this helps and like Speshull Droo said. could be the starter. or try tapping on the solenoid.
if u have aaa awesome..jump the car and let the battery charge up

be sure to check and see if u didnt leave one of the lights on and drained it urself...if ur positive that u didnt then like tater said check the water level in ur battery

if ur not sure how to do this after u jump ur car head over to an autozone or pepboys...they'll check ur battery for free...if u need to replace you can do it there or pay for the battery and usually if they're not assholes they'll just do it for free...its like 2 seconds

cannot stress that enough...not doing so will cause lots of pain and unnecessary know thanks to my dad......

2) pick up a jumper cable or jumper pack (saves u the hassle of waiting an hour for aaa)
Ikon said:

cannot stress that enough...not doing so will cause lots of pain and unnecessary know thanks to my dad......

Funny...thats how my 81 Celica GT was killed. 200,xxx miles...and a fucking battery tie down was its death. Battery fell on the block, started a fire. Of course my dick head brother rode it like that for about 30-45 mins.
no shit that prob wasnt as severe but was a major hassle..

i didnt know and was driving around like normal..while the battery rolled turn tugging on the ignition harness and starter cable...

all in all...
3 calls to aaa - about 6-7 hours of waiting and $20 in towing
1 starter - $150 from a mechanic friend
1 starter to battery cable - $5
1 diy ignition cable connector - 2 trips to home depot and $10
freakin dealer was like u need to replace the whole harness..its like $5000 special order piece from japan..i was like no :eek:
1 battery terminal - $1.49

all because of a 4.99 battery tie down its an amazing thing...
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alright well when i went to the toyota dealership last night to get my oil change, i also bought a new toyota battery as well. sure enough it was the battery and all is well now.

now i just need to fix my stereo.... :)

thx guys
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