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2000 Burgandy (tan interior) V6 STICK SHIFT LE With pwr Windows/locks/Remote, CD, Air, SUNROOF (everything except LEATHER)..... 90k miles.
It has all original paint. Few swirl marks. Very clean.

I paid $8000 for it.

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97 XLE without leather in mint condition, about 90k miles, payd 6500$ US before taxes and other crap fees
I feel pretty happy about this deal, even when other ppl tell me i payd too much. But it's better to drive a car which smells like new and has not a single chip on paint. Then some 99 - 00 that was treated like crap

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I bought my 2000 LE with 14K miles in November 2002 for $14,000.

There were 2001 LEs available also, but had 30K or more miles for $13,000.

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98 LE v-6

98 LE V-6 I found a private party internet classified at in So Cal Aug. this year
$8,000+fees DMV
clean title: 1st owner was a Toyota Corporate employee 3 yr. lease
2nd owner a soccer mom and friend of Toyota employees
66k battery drawn down due to alarm current while sitting for weeks ,tire pressures all wrong with a nail in one of the new tires ( she didn't know about it when driving the kids to grandma's recently )
service records verified : excellent history with all fluids recently flushed/refilled at proper levels
sea mist blue/green paint , cloth interior , new pioneer cd supertuner
hey it's like new ...
replaced a 97 v-6 le that we had with 155k
and bullet proof until one day my daughter spins out on the slurry seal that CalTrans sprays down in the hot summertime and ends up into the wall ... thanks to Toyota engineering and energy absorption
all is well

Thanks to Toyota Nation readers for listening: my first post as a new member
Best regards, Richard

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1999 Camry LE 4-cylinder, dark green (can someone please tell me what it was "officially" called in 1999?), power windows/locks/side mirrors, tan interior with cloth seating, ABS, four-speed automatic, stock 10-spoke hubcaps and no rear spoiler. Parents bought it in April with 93,000 miles for $8000.

Since then I've removed the used-car dealership advertisement on the back trunk, given it an oil change (we've only put 4,000 miles on it since we bought it), added chrome license plate frames and have used Febreze car freshener on the interior.

Yep, life is good :D
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