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Diff Locker question

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Does the differential lock engage in 2WD?

Anybody (everybody?) do the grey wire mod on their trucks?


'02 Xcab TRD 4x4 V6 Auto
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In stock form, No it will not, but there is a mod to make it work in 2WD. maybe someone will have a link to it.
Thanks. I have since found out even more about lockers, their proper use and gray wire mods.

My only question now is how many do the mod? I like the idea that I can loan my truck to someone and they can't drop the rear end out of my truck (or worse) in stock configuration.

Of course if you could do the mod and wire a switch to it so it's selectable.....

This place rocks. Thanks to all.


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???? Prerunners can lock up with 2wd. I imagine that's what motivated people to overide the stock lock out.
To be honest, it's more of a "fun" mod. I really only use it to spin doughnuts in mud/snow or to try and make it up a hill in 2WD. I installed a switch so the system functions as stock unless I flip the switch.
Here's the write-up I wrote on another forums website a while back.
Grey Wire Mod
It is nice to be locked up in 4H sometimes. It's pretty fun to drive around in loose dirt with the rear locked.
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