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Difference between US Corolla & Canadian Corolla?

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Found an 04 Corolla at a local PA dealer, however it was built in Canada. I thought I remembered reading somewhere else that there were some differences between a U.S. built Toyota and a Canadian???

Is it legit for a U.S. dealer to sell a Canadian Toyota as new? Any differences I should be aware of?

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How are you certain that this Corolla at a PA dealer was originally built for the Canadian market?

All Corolla's are built in Canada - the sticker on the driver's doorpanel should indicate that it was built at TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Cambridge). But as they're built they are built to specific government and retail specs for the distinct Canadian and US markets. Think of it cars coming off the like in this order...built for each individual market: CDN, US, US, US, US, CDN, US, US, US, US, US...

If it truly is a Canadian-destined Corolla, I'm pretty sure that the dealer is violating some part of it's dealer agreement (it is a Toyota dealer right?) and may have "difficulty" in getting warranty coverage. However depending on the State, you can import a Canadian vehicle and plate it in the US...there are some things that you "may" have to change (like the dash to display MPH more prominently rather than KM)...etc.

If you're uncertain, get the VIN and Call 1-888-TOYOTA-8 to verify. Might also want to Call Toyota in the US as well. I'm sure they would frown on this practice.

This is a chronic problem in Canada since there are usually price differences due to things like different standard & option packages, dollar conversion, market presures, etc. It's not unusual for cars to flow across the border like this. The loser is usually the consumer who gets a car who's warranty is nullified because the vehicle was imported improperly and without consent from Toyota Canada.

And yes...there ARE usually some differences between vehicles which are destined for the Canadian or US markets. For example, we can't get side-airbags on Corolla's in Canada.
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Thanks. That clears things up. The inside sticker just says "Made in Canada", which raised a flag for me, since I know when we were shopping for a Sienna that some dealers were bringing them into the US to fulfill demand.

I did not realize that all Corollas are Canadian-made.
Glad to be of help. Yeah Sienna was REALLY bad for that since the US market had a huge demand for some people we're buying them and shipping them across the border for sale at inflated rates.
RE: Side Airbags

Just letting you know that you can in fact get side airbags on the corolla in's in the B package of the Corolla LE for 2004 and 2005.
I stand corrected. I keep forgetting that theres more to the world than the XRS. ;)
rolla-XRS said:
All Corolla's are built in Canada - ...

except those built by NUMMI in Fremont California
I thought NUMMI made Matrix and Vibe...not Rolla?
Ahh that makes sense finally. I thought it odd that TMMC could pump out Corolla's for all of NA as well as Matrix and RX330.:cool:

So is the Corolla XRS also made at NUMMI...or just TMMC?
Corollas, Matrix and now the RX300's are made at the Toyota plant in Cambridge Ontario Canada. :thumbup: :D

However some are built in California, but I would imagine they would be those requiring California emissions.
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