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Different wheels for Gen6

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So I've digested all there is to digest about wheel fitment and specs for the Gen6 Camry's, so I figured I'd post up a thread and see if anyone knew anything I had missed.

The plan:

Enkei RP-F1 Wheels in 18x8.5, 30mm offset

wrapped in BFG g-Force KDW-II 245/40/R18

Anyone see anything glaringly wrong with this picture? I'm a bit concerned with fitment as just about no one who posts that they have wheels on these forums... has the TRD springs...

Anyway, they'll be powdercoated bronze before they ever get on the car, as I have a love affair with the color, and they'll look much better on my red car than silver would. Silver is the only color they come in (other than Gold in WRX-Specific sizes, and this chrome wannabe stuff), as they're really a race wheel intended to be finished by the race team in whatever color they want for their getup, the decals don't even come stuck on the wheels, they come on paper in the box.


There will, of course, be pictures to follow the installation for all to see. It's funny how in to photography I am, and I have no pictures of my car posted here, we'll have to fix that once I get the wheels.
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I see no reason why there shouldn't be any problems with fitment.

Great choice with the Enkei RP-F1.
Cool, they're extending pretty far... I'm worried about interference from the fenders :eek:

I'd prefer not to have to roll them.
I'm having second thoughts on the 8.5 width with 30 offset...

that yeilds 34mm of addition extension beyond the stock 17x7's.

I'm not sure there's 34mm of space for them to GO...

gah i hate not KNOWING and i can't put them on the car and see before i buy them you know... ugh.
I say just go for it and pave the way for people who might be in the same situation in the future.
I don't see any problem with the wheel selection, they will fit, no problem. The problem you may have is a tire size that will allow enough side wall without making the tire hit, rub or tear the crap out of the fender without making the ride feel every pebble.
djpeetur had some pretty tight rims on his car, he was running 19x9 rims with a 45 offset in 245 tires. For reference, he showed us a picture that showed ~3mm of clearance from the inner strut :thumbup:: Your setup has 30 offset so there shouldn't be any issues with rubbing on the inside...

djpeetur said: rubbing what so ever

I verified your calculation and 34mm from the stock 17x7 rim seems right.

Alternatively, you could measure from djpeetur's setup. Correct me if I'm wrong (please):

Since you're having a 30mm offset instead of 45mm, your tire's gonna be 15mm closer to the outside of the car.

If you're going with 8.5 wide tires that's a .5 inch difference in width. 0.25inches (roughly 6.5mm) less on each side.

So you have 6.5mm of extra space on each side over djpeetur's rims but because your offset takes you 15mm closer to the edge of the car, you're gonna be 8.5mm (15mm-6.5mm) out further than djpeetur's rims.

PM him, see if he can measure for you?

He was wanting to sell his rims ( but didn't really specify why. He never mentioned any fitment issues, but you should ask him just to be sure.

btw, he didn't have the TRD drop that you have.
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Rims are in...

They measure 9.375 inches (9 and 3/8ths for those not decimally inclined, 239mm for our metric folk)

The pics are big 'cause i'm a sucker for high resolution. sorry if your screen is tiny or your pipe skinny.

The relatively huge width worries me... i'm worried i'm gonna have rub issues on the outside edge... only doing it will tell.

we'll see.

just need the car to come back from the dealership with its new tranny so i can get some rubber and get them on!
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oh and they weigh right at 18.5 pounds each (!!!) for those that are inclined to know.
Very nice. I love that they're so lightweight.
NOO!!!, I want those wheels, haha. Great wheels, it compromises with look and functionality
I have a question. I been reading around and I am still lost and confused. Hopefully you guys could answer them for me cause I am a total noob. If I understand correctly than offset does matter and that the 2007 Camry offset is +45. I wanted to get some rims for mine and I was wondering would 5zigen Hyper 5zr Chrome 18x7.5 +43 wrapped around Nitto Neogen ZR 215/40ZR-18 89W work?
wow great choice dude :thumbup: , i wanted those but not enough $$ so i got the enkei or 52

Wheels are on the car.

To be short about it, the offset is too small. (Not available in any other offset tho)

The wheels/tires protrude from the front fenders about 8 or 9 mm, it looks a bit funny, but overall I'm ok with that. Doesn't seem to be rubbing up front, even at full lock, and i'm good as far as I'm concerned.

THE BACK, however, is a different story.

I need 5-10mm of extra clearance on the outside of the wheel in the rear, the inside lip of the fender is rubbing (cutting) the tire on larger's a blood curdling sound.

SO, I've got to, at bare minimum, get the fenders rolled, and perhaps even a mild flare/pull. We're contacting our body man today to see if he can get to it this weekend, otherwise I may have to pull the rears and roll on the stock rubber until I can get them worked on.

No pics yet, kinda wanna get the issues worked out before i go taking a bunch of pictures, but trust me, if i can resolve the rub issues in the back, it's going to be quite sexy. it looks muscular like some of the hot euro sedans (S4's M5's etc).
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Take pics now, and after the 'fix'

I know I am interested in seeing the process. Good luck on the roll. I rolled the fenders in my B5 Passat. Everyone thought it was an S4 :D It didn't hurt that I had some goodies to make it run like an S4.
Yeah I'll take some pics before it goes under the knife, if it comes to that.
oh, and if anyone was concerned, there's like.. half a mile of caliper clearance both front and rear, so no worries there, should anyone decide to give these wheels a shot (perhaps in a more easily fittable size like 18x8 with a 35 or 40 offset)
nah, decided to go with them silver, looks good on the car.
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