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Differential ATF change and - level ?

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Is it critical that the car is level when you fill the differential with ATF ? I had the left front jacked up a bit for room to work. Now I'm wondering if I may have an incorrect fluid level. Thoughts ?
2000 4 cyl.
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A level surface supporting the vehicle is assumed when engineers define fluid inspection and replenishment methods.

In practice, you might be a little bit off, and you can always have the level checked by your mechanic on a lift.
Thanks timebuilder. Now that I think about it when I started (front lifted) and pulled the fill plug first (which is always a good idea) it spit out a some fluid....not very much. So I'm running a tad low.
I'm assuming you have a 4-cylinder, right? I wondered the same thing when I changed my diff fluid last weekend. I had to raise the car up to remove the drain plug, but when I went to add the new fluid, I put the drain plug back in and lowered the car. I went ahead and removed the plastic intake tube that runs from the throttle body so I could have more room from above. I then went ahead and was able (with gloves on) to reach down and remove the fill plug, insert a long hose and fill up the housing that way. I put a little container under the differential so that when it filled up, I wouldn't make that big of a mess. Then, all I had to do was remove the hose, put the plug back in, and reinstall the intake hose.
Mine is a 2000 4cyl. I'll take a look but I think working from the top to get to the fill plug with a wrench will be a B*tch.
Do you have an extra set of jackstands or know someone who would let you borrow a set? That way you could raise the rear and level the car out. I suppose you could also use a set of ramps.
UPDATE : FYI. Just so everyone knows - I checked the fluid level with the car level and only had to add about 1/3 of a cup ..if that ......not even necessary really.
Thanks for the replies
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