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Dimming lights

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Hi, this is my first post! My english is no good but I would try to communicate with you guys. My problem is that my car (1.6L) with only a 70amp fuse and just 1 60amp amplifier(mono block) is making all ,my lights to dimmed when the bass hits. Even with no a/c on, the voltage drop is considerable, very noticeable. My battery is a Optimad Red Top and I add 4 gauge cables from alt to bat(fused) and from bat to chasis, I call it the big 2 because the engine block ground is to hard to take it out and put a second cable in the same grounding point. What else could I do to eliminate the voltage drop and don't have to heard the music at low volume? Thanks and sorry 4 my english :)
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Sorry...when I said: with a 70amp fuse.....I'm talking about the alternator.
Bigger alternator to supply the massive power draw from your system.
Ok, bigger alt. Could I install a higher output alt from another Toyota, with no mods what so ever?
We were covering this on another thread. Im not too sure what works or not. here is the link it might be helpful.
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