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Dirt drifting the Camry.

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Well latley I'be been wanting to learn how to drift. With the lack of the green and lack of a good running rwd car.....I just had to try the Camry out. After reading a few articles on it, Im like well hell...I can do this! On dirt and wet pavement anyways! :lol: I started to have to use my e-brake when my master cyl went to crap, and I got the feel for it more and more. So one night it was raining no one was around and I was coming up on a nice corner, so what do I do? Yank the ebrake, I pulled it off pretty nice. The exit on the turn was nothing short of crap. So after the rains stopped and everything dryed up I went back on this road that leads to a rock quary. Its got one good turn and some open areas. Tonight I finnally got it down so I can take the corner at about 35 with a solid slide around the corner * I guess thats drifting*:confused: Anyone else try drifting their Camrys? Im gunna try to get some pics thursday.
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:slap: no comment :lol:
Why don't you try to go to a rally event like Brink did? It would be so much more fun. :)
I live in The Florida Keys. We don't even have a Wal-Mart.:disappoin And whats with the slap? No love? No :respect:
Well then....:nutkick:
Heh I pulled off a nice slide going at 55mph once with the ebrake. Just make sure not to post this on the forums on They'll flame you for "ass dragging" rather than actual "drifting" since their definition of a drift can't be complied with by a FWD car.
Ok if you really want to drift you camry......Its called tray sliding.......what you do it take 2 trays...put them under your back wheels....pull up your ebrake and go at it you slide like crazy....make sure if you do this it in a tame envoriment and a big parking lot....not legal but it fun....haven't done it in my car so no sure how the camry will hold up doing it:lol:
haha i say a video on tray sliding, it was so funny they did it in a taurus, the guy light up the front tires smoke everywhere
Drifting is not just sliding around... that's what most people think it is. It requires right angle, speed, and RACING LINE.

Sorry, I worked for several companies that put out drifting events and I have a bunch of pro drifter friends. I just hate people that think it's just sliding around.
Tray sliding is the shit, we took a couple of old sentras a while back with a couple of wendy's trays. Packed the cars and did doubles. But make shure the parking lot is empty!! and clean no curbs in the middle. Becuase the car will be like a vett with butter on the rears, no control what so ever.
Very fun with beaters.

and bring a souple of trays cause they don't last long...
Im a drift poser:lol: Grrrrreat! I only mess around when the roads are clear, Ive got too many tickets to risk having to explain to an officer what happened. Ok so from now more drifting, just sliding like a jack ass in a fwd! Tray sliding eh? You guys keep giving me ideas....I may just contribute to the Camry R.I.P. club. Now to go try it!
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