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I need to take out the intake pipe that connects onto the stock airbox and goes down inside the bumper to draw cooler air. the problem is i dont know how to disconnect, let alone safely disconnect the fuse boxes as well as the battery. neva done it before...

any help would be great, thanx
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umm what year car??? well from my gen 3 you have to take the fender off to make things easy. when the fender is off you have to remove the resonator it's held on by 2 bolts, then remove the air box top and bottom part, then pull the intake pipe out, gona take some pulling but just yoink it out and run your new duct work. if your leaving the stock box in find my dryer hose intake post .
my car would be the same as the 92-94 american gen3 camrys. oh so to take the pipe out you dont have to remove the fuse boxes? jus pull it out from the fender side? i just cant see half of it so im a bit concerned at jus yankin it out, but i guess thats why you take off the fender...
it is bolted form the under have to pull back the splah gard and unbolt it with a 10mm
why? doing a cai?
Maybe he is trying to take out the silencer box, that thing is a bitch to get out. Draw more air with it out...
ahh it is bolted on the bottom, i thought so. why does toyota have to make these sorta things so difficult. im trying to take out whatever was connected to the airbox on the intake side. yeh im setting up a cai but im not using my K&N, ill show you guys when im done. does anyone have some pics of the process??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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