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dissonance at high rpm

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Ok guys, forgive me for all these questions but as I keep coming across things I can't help but ask about them.

Does everyone else's mr2's seem to be extra violent at higher rpm? Once I get to about 5500 it just seems very violent. My honda seemed to do fine about there, it was screaming for sure but not so vibrational. With the mr2 you can feel it in the clutch, everywhere as a matter of fact; just a sensation that it doesn't want to be there. Is this normal? Have the engine mounts worn out or something?

I also noticed that first and second gears are very tightly wound. It feels like they are of the ratio of a frickin reverse gear. I imagine that is so you can get some acceleration early on but for cryin out loud it makes city driving a bit of a pain doesn't it? It is too wound to drive in second for very long and then when you pop it into third it bogs... Any way to alleviate the unfriendly city driving??

Also, just to save space, I thought I would ask this. Is there any way at all to make the mr2 all wheel drive? Alright, alright..I will wait for the laughter to subside. I just remember reading about the celica alltrac and thinking to myself, well why in the hell didnt they make an awd mr2??? That would have been unbelievable. Is there any way to convert or would it be unbelievably cumbersome if at all possible? I discovered a desire for such a mod last night as I was driving home in the finally found out what everyone was talking about with the tail wanting to slip out from underneath me...
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what do u mean by violent???.....

awd drive mr2.....i suppose it could be done if u have bill gates kind of money.....but realistically....i don't think this has ever been or will be accomplished....
By violent I mean it seems to vibrate alot. As for the awd idea, oh well just thought I'd ask. Speaking of unique setups, I was curious about your mr2. It has a lexus v6 in it yes? How in the heck do you work on it? Is it a tight fit in the compartment or is it not much bigger than the 4 cyl?
1. Sound slike yo umay have realyl bad motor mounts

2. Was your MR2 an NA that had the turbo engine swapped into ... just wondering if you have the NA tranny.

3. Why make the MR2 AWD when the have the celica? The MR2 (mid-engine rear-wheel-drive 2-seater) would have lost it's mid-engine sports car luster if AWD was added .... not to mention the name ofthe car would no longer make sense. :)
i still have the 3SGTE gen 2 with t3/t4 and supporting v6 here.....i'm a boost junkie.....:D

that doesn't sound normal at all..for the car to be violently sounds like to me that the car is hesitating or stuttering at full boost??...when is the last time u changed ignition components?? u have an exhaust leak??...i'm assuming ur car is a turbo too.....
Yeah it's turbo, and I can say that it doesn't seem like it's a malfunction of any sort. It runs quite strong. I guess this will probably confuse you more though.

Let's put it this way. A rotary engine, when wrapped up to the top, has hardly any dissonance because of the engine design. It feels like it actually wants to be revved hard (prolly because it does, lol). The honda I owned wasn't so happy about being revved so high, because it's a piston engine but it still didn't mind if I wrapped it hard. It just complained a little more than an rx7. The mr2 however seems to be even moreso. It just feels like it's saying "Please don't do this!". In other words, the power output Vs. engine vibration seems much more disproportionate.
could the fact that the motor is right behind u be the cause of all most other cars..u can't hear the engine at all.....
Go to my site and look at th video of Hyde on the dyno ... my car loves to rev, if anything it begs for the rev limiter to be raised.

The OEM turbo runs out of breathe above 5500 rpms ... maybe what you are sensing is the lack of additonal power above 5500 (should be your shift point)
That's probably exactly what it is. That and what mrqturbo mentioned. It's still taking a bit to get used to the engine being in the back and then it probably has a great deal to do with the fact that the power peaks out around 5500 (which is when I notice the drop in power) and yet the engine is whining. My crx maxed out around 6-6500 so I was still feeling some power from it...

Thanks guys!!
Yeah.... well not before I:

Get new valve cover screws(those hex nut deals from mr2club)

replace timing belt

Replace gasket behind timing belt

rotor caps wires

clutch (It seems the throw out bearing makes a noise whenever my foot is off the clutch

possibly ball joints (there is a bit of wobbliness at high speeds, not bad but noticable)

New rear tires

new snow tires (hopefully put on some cheap steel wheels)

and then of course the obligatory mbc, gauge and such that will need to accompany any upgraded turbo...

My first goal is to really get the car locked down, make it good as new in as many ways as I can before I go upgrading it...

but I surely can't wait...
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Sound very wise to me ...

... a turbo upgrade will give you power to redline (and beyond).
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