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Distributer cap

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Just a simple Question... is it ok to clean the contact points on a dizzy cap with 220 (or similar) sand paper? I have never actually had to clean one before, always just replaced them, but now i just have to make do for a little bit... its just my engine is running a little rough and it's the only thing i can put it down to coz the points are a little coroded. Thanks.
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It should be alright. Just don't go crazy with the sanding.

Might also want to clean up the rotor.

By the way your signature pic is to wide. Max is 500 x 150.
Sorry bout the sig... thought i might just get away with only 44 pixels too wide... will fix it up.
^ No prob.

Just letting you know, so that your sig doesn't get :eek:wned:

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yeh, have read that one b4... all fixed now :)
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