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Distributor question

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Hi all,
I've got a 94 and it won't start. It cranks, but won't fire. Now there are two wire clips that come from, or to, the distributor. With the key on, I don't get any signal in either one. Where do those wires lead to, and what do they do? Do I need to replace the distributor? Thanks!
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The distributor doesn't get any "signals" with the key on. The distributor only sends signals when you're starting the car or when it's running.

So your dizzy might or might not be bad, need more info. Is the engine turning over? If you are suspecting the dizzy, did you checked the Cap and Rotor?
If anything I could see the fuel system being the culprit, clogged filter or a dead pump.
if there's no spark, then i'm willing to bet it's your ignitor...... when you remove the dizzy cap, it's the ~1.5" wide piece of electronic that has 5? wires in it..... go to a junkyard, they're much cheaper....
Damn, if you lived in finland I could of given you my ignitor :disappoin
cap and rotor look ok, just no spark. Also, I hear the fuel pump kicking in, and the main engine relay opens with the key, so -- I could try the ignitor or the distributor. I'll call the local yards again -- when I did last week, none had them. And this is Milwaukee, not a tiny place -- should think someone would have one!
although the ignitors look different, any from 90-97 will work... i've ran mine off of a 7afe ignitor just fine
Toyotaspeed90, do they look different? Anyhow, they should be the same dizzy, the IIA, however I think the 7A-FE has a rev limiter built into the ignitionmodule, whilst the 4A-F one doesnt have the rev lim. circuit (Unless its controlled by the ecu, havent dissected them to see)
What about the 94 Geo Prizm's? Are they the same as well?
Well over the weekend, I replaced the distributor with a new one -- was $120 -- not too bad, and she fired up right away!
Thanks for all the help!
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