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This procedure explains how to remove the driver side front door panel and lubricate both the window mechanism and window guides in order to eliminate a squealing noise when the power window is operated on a 2002 Camry.

Use this guide at your own risk! I assume no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or personal injury as a result of following this guide. Any comments to improve the procedure will be gratefully received.

Time Required
It took me 2 hours from start to finish, including the time to take photos and make notes. If I had to do it again, I think I could cut this down to 1 hour or less.

Tools Required:
#2 Philips screwdriver, small slot screwdriver, 10mm socket wrench.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Carefully pry the plastic cap off the screw and remove the screw using a #2 Philips screwdriver.

2. Carefully pry the plastic “sail” trim piece away from the window frame.

3. While pulling the door handle, carefully pry the plastic trim piece away from the door handle bezel and remove the #2 Philips screw.

4. Pull out the rubber liner and remove the #2 Philips screw.

5. Pushing the door trim piece forward, pry the rear upward with your finger tips. Note that there is a plastic tab (red arrow) at the front of this trim piece, so it is necessary to lift it from the back to avoid breaking the tab.

6. Squeeze both electrical connectors and wiggle while pulling to remove them from their sockets. Set the trim piece/switch assembly aside.

7. Remove #2 Philips screw.

8. Remove two #2 Philips screws (circled in red) at the bottom of the door.

9. Grasp the bottom of the door panel with your finger tips and gently pull outward to disengage the snaps on the bottom of the door. Grasp the sides of the door panel and pull outward to disengage the snaps on the sides of the door panel.

10. Lift the door panel upward to "unhook" it from the door. Carefully set the door panel on the ground.

11. Pull the white plastic cable guide out of the sheet metal holder and rotate/lift the cable to disengage the cable end from the mechanism. Pull the green plastic cable guide oput of the sheet metal holder and rotate/lift the cable to disengage the cable from the mechanism.

12. This photo shows the location of all of the seven snaps that hold the inner door panel in place.

13. Squeeze the speaker plug to remove it. Remove the four screws (circled in red) with a 10mm socket and remove the speaker.

14. Carefully pull the plastic water shield away from the door. Be careful not to stretch or tear the plastic. Use a putty knife if needed.

15. Pull the plastic cover back on the plug and temporarily insert it back into the window control assembly to enable you to raise and lower the window.

16. Lubricate the pivot point with oil and lubricate the slide on both sides of the door with lithium grease. With the key in the ignition, operate the window up and down several times. In my case, this did not get rid of the annoying squeal.

17. With the window fully up, spray some silicone lubricant into both window guides (see red arrows). This is what finally eliminated the squeal for me.

18. Reassembly is the reverse of the above procedure.

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Great Writeup! I have the 6th generation (2008 hybrid) with a wicked driver's side squeal... anybody know how different the procedure is to fix it? Is is just a matter of different door molding variations?

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Just to add....spraying the window channels with silicone spray will draw the lube down the down the door withOUT removing the inside panel.
...regular spraying will also help the window slide up and prevent the window from getting stuck in the up position in the rubber channel, caused in part by adding thickness of tint film.

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Update. It is now 2017. Photobucket photos are not showing. Description helps though.
If you use google chrome, you can download an extension.

Photobucket Hotlink Fix

It should work and display pictures. Not sure for how long though.
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