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DIY ~ 7th Gen 4afe/7afe Upper Intake Manifold Cleaning

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...meh the carbon goblins were busy inside my intake :mad: ...carbon is only nice in its fiber form :x: ...not this, after 165k+ miles and never cracked anything open, shubert & I said lets clean out the intake manifold...boredom on sundays is a thing of the past! :clap: here is the before & after pic...

thanx to shubert...without your patience and my n00bness...i would of never of cleaned i told you this morning, i sw like err, 10:15am...he better know wtf he's doing...
1. Make sure you have HEX sockets, allen wrenches will work, but are a biotch to hand turn...also a couple of cans of TB, Intake, Carb Cleaner...a couple of beers, and about 30 minutes to an hour...remove any strut bars or anything that will need to be removed prior to the intake coming off...

Remove the PCV Valve and hose and do the same with the hose to the right...

Go ahead now and unplug the fuel injectors from the wiring harness...

Next remove all the hoses running from the top of the Throttle Body running to the EGR, (This is not required on all 7th gens, some dont have EGR)

Next remove the bottom throttle cable, (take the butterfly and raise it all the way up like WOT, and just shimmy it off)

With all those removed, unbolt the throttle body, (one bolt in each corner)

Once all bolts are out, pull the TB off...

Heres where the Hex sockets come in handy...

Location of the bottom bolts

If your hoses dont come off by lite hand pulling, use a pair of pilers...

You really cant see it but the EGR has a bracket that holds in onto the must take this off to get the EGR bracket off...

Another shot of the bolt...BTW...if you search, you could find a threaded NOS injector that will fit...just dont bolt the bracket back on, it can be relocated on the firewall...
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eeeewwwwww....damn carbon goblins...


...but the bottom manifold is still dirrrty! think a "catch-can" isn't worth it...imagine doing this chore every oil change! :eek: again quote the infamour haynes manual...installation is reverse of removal...just make sure you put the correct hoses back to their prospective spots...

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Whoa, where are the pics?I want to see those. lol
Is there a way to get some updated pics since all the ones that were posted have been moved or deleted.

Or does anyone have another link to do this kind of maintanance?
ya is there any way to see those photos
I'll send an email to the person who originally started the thread, but since they haven't logged into the forums since January 2008, I wouldn't hold my breath.
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