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Hey guys, i didnt find this anywhere for the GEN 4's so i thought i'd make a DIY for it. Heres a list of what you need:
1) A VHT or an enamel based spray paint (you choose the color i chose red)
2) A wire brush
3) Sanding Paper or block
4) Wrench set
5) Car jacking tools and jack stand for safety
6) plastic bags and aluminum foil

Front wheels
Step 1: put the jack under the car in the correct area and lift it up...remove your wheel. (theres a pic on your jack that tells you where the correct positions are.

The correct area to put the jack is indicated with the red circle

To remove the wheels LOOSEN the studs while the tire is still on the floor (i put the stud remover at a 90 degree angle and stood on it) THEN jack the car up and take the studs off and remove the wheel.

Next you should see this

STEP 2: As you can see the caliper is pretty dirty and in some cases rusty, use a wire brush to take all the rust off then sand it down and clean with a damp cloth (DONT blow the dust/rust this could end up damaging your disc/shoe), this is what it looks like once its cleaned

STEP 3: Now you have to remove the bolts that hold the brake caliper in place, go to this link, on page 24, bolt number 34 is what you have to remove, theres two of them. to remove this is what you have to do

Make sure you hold the nut in place because it has rubber on it, you twist it too much and it will rip.

STEP 4: CAREFULLY without putting any strain on the brake lines remove the brake calipers. Once its removed you can either suspend the caliper from a string tied to the spring or you can hold it in one hand while in with the other hand you cover the disc with double bagged plastic bags. Put the caliper back in place (make sure its sitting properly, if it falls and the brake lines break you're screwed) cover the rest of the parts with the foil so that paint doesnt get on them. I just held it in one hand and put the plastic bag on the disc.

STEP 6: at this point the caliper had dirt on it again, clean it again and wait for it to dry completely.

STEP 7: follow instructions on spray can to spray and give it some time to dry, then give it another coat...

STEP 8:Thats what it looks like when its done, after its dry remove all coverings in reverse order carefully then put the bolts back and put the wheel back on and jack it down.

Now for the rear calipers, its pretty much similar except that theres only one bolt holding the caliper in place. Jack the car up, take the rear wheel off the same way, use the wire brush to remove rust, sand it, clean it and then go to this link on page 21 and take bolt 34 out.

You cannot remove the rear caliper you can only lift it up since its hinged at the top. Again you have to be VERY careful not to strain your brake line. Once you have enough clearance just hold the caliper in one hand and put the plastic bags over the disc and foil over everything else. Heres what it should look like


and ...

Make sure its covered on the inside as well. Clean it again if its dirty, spray it and wait for it to dry then give it a second coat. Once its dried, lift the caliper slowly and take all covering off. Put the caliper back into place, bolt it into place, heres a couple pics

Put the wheel back on bolt it up and jack it down and you're done. The whole process took me 4 hours and i was building a computer and working on my custom grill at the same time (while waiting for everything to dry) Heres a pic of what it looks afterwards (it'll look better with my new wheels :D)

This is my first DIY so i apologize if i've missed anything - let me know if i did.

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I did red on mine. It looks alright but you have to paint the other part that holds the pads. Looks awkward without it done.

This was last year. They still shine really good but i want to redo them and wet sand because they were greasy before i sprayed them
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