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DIY dirtbike/motorcycle rack

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So I was needing a method to safely secure my dirt bike in my truck without using the rail system. I looked at a few options of bike racks you could buy and finally decided to just make one myself. I figured it would have been way cheaper than buying one. Including shipping to Alaska, I probably saved about $40. Only 10 on the actual product. Anyway, if anyone is interested, here is what I did. Pretty simple really.

Total Cost:

L Bracket: $18
Hardware: $7.50
Powder Coating: $50
Total: $75.5

I started by cutting down the L Bracket. I cut mine to 54 inches, which is approximately the length of the rail.

I used an angle grinder to cut out the grooves where the bike tires go and 11/32 bit to drill the holes (don't ask why I picked that one... But it is a good size and I like it :) ) See picture below for dimensions.

Finished with cut outs!

I measured where I wanted the bolts to go into the bed and drilled the holes in the L channel

Clamped it in place and drilled into the bed through the holes

Got some steel angles to help distribute the force on the bed.

Cut them up

How the bolts will go on: Washer, nut, steel bar, nut. Figured this would disperse weight the best. Without trying to get a whole bar back there and get it aligned behind the bed.. even with my small hands that would be a pain.

I only did this on the outer and middle holes. I figured the other two would be fine with a washer

I was able to get my hand between the bed and the cab and get everything on. I had a small ratchet that i was able to use to get everything nice and tight

Finished product! :clap:

Recommendations are welcome. I have no idea what the breaking strength is on the composite bed material so I have no idea what the load capacity is. :( more than 200 pounds I am sure.

The only thing I might do differently is instead of multiple steel bars use a single one across the back....

Haven't used it on the dirt brap yet (stupid thing needs work done before it can be ridden :() but I used it to secure my fishing gear and it was quite handy :)
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