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:grin: Hello my fellow T100 fans. I've done my search, and though i'm sure it's been covered I could not find. I know that KE was an option for the SR5, so I imagine that all the wiring is in there; power locks, etc... Has anyone looked into what it might take to add (and find OEM parts) a KE system to a truck?

I've run out of other projects to do...


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Depending on which port the T-100 was shipped into, it got different factory alarm systems. I know the one I have in mine has scotch-lock connectors instead of a plug and play setup. I think there was 2 or 3 different setups. I would guess you would have better options with the current alarm systems out there. If yer wanting to keep yer T-100 from being stolen/driven away, I would look into the Ravelco setup. ;)

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In my experience, a "factory add-on" is a misnomer. All of the importers (I was hooked with South East Toyota) are factory representatives, and as such have the right to market kits, accessories and repair parts that are made, distributed and sold right here at home. As long as it was made to Toyota specs and the distributor was willing to back it with warranty, they could sell it. Usually, a true Toyota add-on, and there are some, will only be a plug and play unit. The scotch-lock type are almost always distributor backed and sold units. Having said that, there is usually nothing wrong with them, and they are likely less expensive. But I am with Bam.... whenever I added stuff to my personal cars, I usually went with a good, upscale unit, and got a lot more bang for the buck. You just won't find the "factory" information on those units. And sometimes, as with virtually any good remote start unit, I like the aftermarkets much better!
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