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I've noticed that there has been a lot of threads about changing out the bulbs in the guage cluster, etc...

So I opened up the a/c controls on my gen 2 to see what I can do with it. ;)

Backside of pcb (printed circuit board)

PCB removed

Button holders removed

Close up of the leds

1. Theres 7 screws (circled in blue) and 3 bulbs (circled in red) on the backside of the pcb.

2. The buttons have to be popped off before you can remove the pcb. I used a small flathead screwdriver to pop em off. Make sure you know which one goes where.

3. Leds are underneath the button holders. Just pull up on em and they'll come off. Make sure you know which one goes where.

4. Theres 14 leds total.

5. You need 3mm leds.

6. The pcb locks into a tab. The tab is located on the bottom of the assembly by one of the bulbs.

7. Reinstalling the pcb can be a bitch. You have to play with it and make sure the button holders line up with the holes in the assembly.

I don't have any leds (I'll have to order some), so I can't show you what it'll look like. But its just a matter of unsoldering the leds and installing new ones.

Where to buy 3mm leds for cheap:

Edit:Theres 2 types of a/c controls on a gen 2. Push button and lever. The pics above are of the push button type.

Grenaded piston
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epborden said:
I don't have the buttons :(

I just have the analog push things

My camry is low-class :(:(

No pull-down back seat, no special carpet seats, no buttons :(:(
There still might be leds in the controls though. You'll have to take alook. ;)
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