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DIY Gen4 Gauge/Climate/Everything Lights

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i finally did it!

the gauges are very simple.... just replace all the 194's with whatever color 194's you want. (4 or 5 total, i forget)

and the ring around the ignition is probably the easiest bulb to change, it's a 74

okay, so the ashtray/gear shifter/climate controls are 74's. (4 total)

[A] - okay, the A/C button.... so after you take it apart, you can manage to unscrew the bulb and it turns out to be a super small bulb with a condom on it. this bulb cannot be removed from the base and i dont know what size it is or anything, so i just took off the green condom and sharpie'd it red. the little light wich indicates wheter or not the A/C is on seems to be a green LED which is impossible to get at. so i just left it alone.

- so the rear defogger is similar to the A/C cartridge. except that both the regular illumination bulb AND the on/off indicator bulb can be removed from the bottom. both of these bulbs are built into their bases, and i dont know the sizes. so i removed their condoms and sharpie'd them red.

[C] - the cig lighter has a small bulb with a green condom on it. i thought it was a 74, so i tried to pull the bulb out of the socket, but wound up breaking the bulb, because apparently it is wired into the base just like the A/c and Rear defogger. so i supoose i will wind up going to toyota sometime this week and buying a replacement and just coloring it red with sharpie.

[D] the ashtray...... god, what a bitch! the 74 bulb of the ashtray is held in a little metal house, which has a thick green plastic floor, right aboive the ashtray area. so i just took a drill and drilled the fuck out of the green plastic untill there was nothing there.

finally, there's the clock, which i'm waiting to find red acetate film to cover it with, and see how that turns out.

i will posts night-pictures tonight once i take some. please ask me any questions you may have. i bought all my bulbs from

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LiLItalian said:
Hey, does the the shift letters near the shifter P-R-N-D-L-2 light up?

I never remember mine lighting up.... hmmmmmm
I had teh problem as well..i couldnot figure it out..i paid someone 40 bucks to have it replaced. (btw; mine is also a gen4..and yeah it DOES light up)
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