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Hey I did the dash lights and did what you said about putting needles back on. But now my rpm, speedometer and gas gauge are off. Any ways to fix this? Thanks.

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Ok i have a quick question. I'll post some picks to make this easier to follow.
What i want to do is, make my gauges red, my needles and my LCDs blue.
MY gauges and needles are now red and blue, but im at a bit of a stand by on the lcds.
As is right now, our cars lcd lights are shared with the bottom gauge lights.
I want to know if there is a way to change this, or if my idea to change it would work or not.
HEres the pics to explain.

There are already slots on the circuit board for the LCDs. 9 in fact.

This is the cover between the cluster and the clear plastic used to reflect the light.
As you can see the 4 led slots from the other picture, are covered underneath the white plastic.
The 2 leds i have circled in blue are the bottom 2 rpg and speedo gauge lights.

And this is the piece that holds and lcds as well as reflects light to the screen better.

My thoughts were, Drill holes in the white piece covering those led slots, then use black felt or something similar to black out the reflective bit going over to the lcds. If i dont black it out and just drill it, im 90% sure both colors would meld and go purple/pink. But im also afraid that drilling the holes might not make it bright enough. Any thoughts? This was poorly worded im sorry for that.

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09 corolla LE
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Dash lights all go out during mod HELP!

2009 Corolla LE

Any advice on how to get gauges set back right after led mod? I marked them but rpm is 2 notches off, speed is 3mph off and gas too. I have pulled off and put on so many times. Seems I get them perfect turn of and on and there off again. Is there a way to set 0 point?

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Okay guys, I've been getting a lot of pm's about my lights so I figured I'd post a DIY about them.

First off, I nor anyone else on this forum takes responsibility for your actions. We're all adults here, so lets act like it.

That being said, onto the DIY:

Dash Lights:

For the dash lights I followed a thread I can't seem to find so I'll try to talk you through it.

1) First you need to remove both the top and bottom pieces of silver trim on the left side of the radio. They just pull off.

2) Grab hold of the gauge bezel and just pull towards you and it will pop off. Hint: if you can put your steering wheel down and towards you so you have more room.

3) You should see two screw. Take them out and the gauge cluster should be free. Unplug the gauge cluster in the back and it should now be free.

4) There are tabs holding the clear plastic piece on. Use a screw driver to undo them all and pop the clear plastic piece off. Hint: Try not to touch the back of the plastic piece to avoid finger prints.

5) Use a small screw driver to pop the needles off. It might take some force but they will come off. Hint: Take a picture of the position of each needle so you know where they go.
Hint: For the fuel gauge, turn the car to the "on" position but do not start the car. Use this position for the fuel gauge position. Do the same thing when putting the fuel gauge needle back on.

6) Now flip the gauge cluster over and undo all the screw. Then undo all the tabs as before and the back should pop off.

7) You should now have the circuit board. Plug it into the car and turn you lights on and see where the leds are. You should see something like this:

I sourced my leds from ebay, but you can get them here:

They are PLCC-2 leds. Get whatever color you want!
These things are extremely tiny so I recommend using a real small set of needle nose pliers or tweezers to handle these things.

When swapping the leds I found it easiest to hold the soldering iron to one side of the stock led and use needle nose pliers to pull back the led from the board. Then I would put the soldering iron on the other side of the LED and pull it off.

If you look carefully at the LED, you can see the diode. Use your best judgement to install it correctly.

*Only do one led. Test it in the car. If it lights up then you have it installed in the right direction and all the other LEDs will be installed in the same way. Also, it's easier to test each LED than to have to go back and do it all over again.

8) Once you are done, reverse the steps and you should have something that looks like this :clap:

You can also look here for more info:

It's the same principle.


For the HVAC I followed this thread:

You will need these leds:


One of each for each dial (so 3 of each = 6 total)

I am cheap *read broke* so I used 5mm leds instead of the 3mm. I had to do extensive grinding and I do NOT recommend this. It's a PITA. I also made my of led holder out of the stock bulb socket and used a PLCC-2 led instead of the corvette light.

Hint: You do NOT have to completely disassemble your HVAC to do this mod.

Here's what they look like:

Foot Wells & etc:

For the foot wells I made my own kit out of 5mm LEDs. It was a PITA and I will not do it again (until I get my show car hehehe). What I recommend is buying a kit of some sort.

I wired my lights so they would come on with the dome light, and the headlight (either or). This way I can see when getting into my car, the foot wells are only on at night, and I can control the lights with the dome light for car shows so I don't have to have the exterior lights on.

Here's the wiring diagram I used. It is my design and I do take credit for it, so don't claim it as your own, but by all means please use it:

Not shown in the diagram is the kill switch I added so the lights won't come on at all. The kill switch is located between the relay and LEDs.

The diodes used are IN4004:

The relay used is a 5 pin mini pc relay part number 275-248

If you do want to mess with running individual LEDs in your car here are some pics:

I personally think this method is cleaner looking, cheaper, and better than any kit, but you pay for it in labor (I spend 30 hours on the install). But I only used two LEDs for each foot well, and the light is nice and even. This is done by grinding the LED so it disperses light more evenly.

However if you don't want to run individual LEDs, you can buy a kit and hook them up the same way. The install would be a lot easier, but I like the one off way :thumbsup:

Front Drivers:


The setup is the same for the passenger side and the rear. For the rear I unclipped the seat cover from underneath the seat and poked two small holes for the LEDs. Everything is attached by hot glue.

For the cup holders I simply flush mounted the LEDs in a place so as not to distract the driver.

The same thing applies for the other cubby holes.

Here's a link for some more info:

Glove Box:

For the Glove box I used the under side of the top lid for one led. For the bottom glove box I mounted the LED behind the top plastic piece:


It's not pretty but you can't see it and it works!


Key Ring:

For the key ring I used medical plastic tubing (4-5mm), two leds, and a tiny torch to soften the tube.

I took off the steering column cover (it just snaps off) and wrapped the tubing around the key ring to get a length. I then filled the tube with hot glue, inserted the two LEDs, wired them in parallel, heated the tube and held it in the correct shape until it cooled. You should have something that looks like this:

I then hot glued it to the key ring and ran the wires down the stalk:

Test it and you should now have a working key ring light (that comes on when you unlock the doors if you wired like I did):

A little more info on the wiring:

I tapped into the light that lights up the gear selector by the gear shift. This way the light come on with the other interior lights.

The kill switch I installed in the arm rest so it's out of sight but still close to the wiring:

If you follow the wiring diagram the lights will function as such:

Turn on when you unlock the car
Turn on when you open the door (with dome light set to door)
Turn on with headlights
Turn on when dome light is set to on

Turn off when headlight turn off
Turn off when doors are locked
Turn off when the dome is off (if headlights are off)
Turn of when dome light turns off when door is opened for extended period

With the kill switch off, the lights are off no matter what anything else is doing. When the switch is on, the lights function as listed above.

Anyway I think that's it. If you have any questions or something to add just let me know! Good Luck.

Oh, and I know some people were interested in the key ring. I can either make a kit where you do it yourself, or I can do it for you and send the assembled unit. I only have white and blue LEDs. Depending on how many people are interested I can figure out a price. The kit would be cheaper than the assembled unit, but prices will be low no matter what (I'm not here to rip anyone off). Thanks.

Oh, the first three pictures of the disassembled dash are not mine. They belong to their respective owners. The rest of the pics, however, are mine. :)

why cant i see the pics :wtf:

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Is there a way to change the clock color? I changed the seat belt lights and air bag and security light next to the clock to blue. Buy can't find a write up on the clock itself. Any suggestions?
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