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DIY LED in Armrest Storage

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Hey guys, decided to make a DIY on lighting up the armrest storage compartment!

LED Strip (Advance Auto Parts)
Electrical Tape
3M Double sided tape (for LED strip)
2 Wire taps
Power drill (about same size drill bit as the wires from the LED.)
A switch if you want to turn it on and off

1. Start off by removing the panel with the cup holders.

2. Unscrew the screws and pull out the clips from the side panel.

3. Pull off this panel from the back of the storage compartment. (4 clips hold it in, pull it from the bottom)

4. Drill a hole somewhere in the red circle. You can see where I drilled mine. Depending on the size of the LED, this was a good place for me. After you do it, just pull the wire through to the other side and mount the LED inside.

5. This is the back of the armrest at the bottom. Push the wire on top of the metal, under the plastic. It will come out the other side of the armrest.

6. Pull the wire through to the other side. You should be able to tilt the entire storage compartment so you can reach the wire easier.

7. Hook it up to something powered. I did it the the light on the shifter, so it turns on when the headlights are on. If you want it switched, hook up power to the cigarette lighter. On my car, the positive is the left wire on the shifter, but you should check it before hooking it up.

8. Enjoy the new light!
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not sure i'm missing some details here or what kind of tools/materials/lights did you use to hook it up?
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