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DIY Rear Brakes & Wheel Cylinder Corolla 93 - 02

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Since the 93-97 have the same exact rear brakes and wheel cylinders with out ABS as the 98-02 this DIY can be use for both vehicles . The best thing to do is one side at a time so if you don't remember how it goes you have the other side for help . Plus the shoes can go on either side there is no front or back .
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Once you have your corolla secure with jack stands then you can remove the brake drum off . Some brake drums might need a little bit of tapping to get off .

The best way to remove your brake shoes is to start from the top removing the spring where the brake adjuster is through it then you can work your way either one side or the other side down till the brake shoes are completly off.

Then you can remove the emergency brake bracket from the brake shoe . Take the spring off first then spread the clip apart . Some brake shows come with this replacement and others don't so try not to destroy it .

In this DIY I replaced my wheel cylinder . In the back are two bolts and the brake line .

While I had everything off I decided to get a tiny wire brush and cleaned the braking plate , Then with some degreaser I spray the area and with my air hose I blew out the all the junk and made it easier to dry out too .

With having the drums off it's a perfect opportunity to pain your drums too .

Before I put the wheel cylinder back I took the bleeder out and put some anti seize on the thread and put some anti sieze on the bolts too and if you choose you can put some on your brake line .

Then I put some anti sieze on the areas that the brake shoes rub on , Then I took the brake adjuster to make sure it isn't frozen and un screwed it added anti seize on both ends .

Then I put the brake shoes back up starting from one side then the bottom then the other side and up .
Once you have your brake shoes on then you can put the drum back on bleed your wheel cylinders take the drums off then adjust your shoes . Then you can put your tire back on and test your brakes in a area that you can safely test the at .
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