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Hello all,

I dug through the depths of the internet to find this information after throwing a p0773 code on my 2000 Toyota Camry CE (4 cylinder/auto), which seems common. In my case, it was the failure of the Shift Solenoid, also know as:

  • Shift Solenoid Valve SL
  • 3-way lockup solenoid
  • Shift Solenoid "E"
  • lockup solenoid
  • Torque converter lock up solenoid.
  • solenoid #3

The part number is 8542020110.

I just finished replacing it and successfully cleared the code. This applies to all 4 cylinder 3rd and 4th gen Camrys with A140e auto transmission. There are TONS of false references to to this Solenoid being INSIDE the transmission (drop the pan, etc) --- which is FALSE. It is an externally mounted solenoid located underneath the battery and behind the Neutral Safety switch. The following was found online:

Tools Needed:

1. Phillips head screw driver
2. Flat head screw driver
3. Pliers
4. 10mm 3/8" socket
5. 3/8" Ratchet

First step is to remove the Neutral Safety Switch. To remove the Neutral Safety switch you have to remove the following:

1. Battery (10mm x 4)
2. Battery Tray (3 x 10mm)
3. Cruise Control Module Harness
4. NSS Linkage (12MM Nut)
5. NSS Harness connector
6. NSS Nut (21MM) --- on front of neutral safety switch)
7. NSS (2 x 10mm)

Remove the battery and battery tray. Keep the throttle / cruise cables connected and lift the entire tray out of the way (Lay it on the drivers side strut assembly)

Remove the Neutral Safety Switch assembly.

Now you will have access to the Solenoid. Simply replace it and reinstall everything you removed. Everything is accessible from the engine bay, no need to jack the car up.

(It's the black topped cylinder thing)

Hope this helps.
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