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This thread will be a collection of links to threads that contain modifications, DIY's (mods or maintenance), or other misc jobs.

Factory service manuals, where can I buy them? There are many out there, but here's a good one Faxon Auto Literature that you can purchase FSMs from online.

Maintenance or Part Replacement Threads

How to Remove Rear License Plate Bulb
How to Replace Outer Brake Light
WiperBlade part number for refills:
Sizes in general:
Drivers side is 26"/8mm
Passenger side is 20"/8mm
Rear wiper is 12" Also thinner @6mm

Brake pads install:
Rotor spec -how to:

Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Headunit Removal - Presigious Society Nav Override Installed
How to Remove Door Panels
Navigation Screen Start-up Image Thread

Airlift suspension support
How to Add/Adjust/Drain Transaxle Fluid Level
Oil Change Information: Link 1 & Link 2
V6:6.4quarts of 0W-20 (can use 5W-20 for a short interval. Read the manual for this).

Oil Maintenance Light: How To Reset It

Rear Differential Gearoil Drain/Fill

Transaxle ATF Fluid Change
2014 part #...
Gasket part # 3516808010
O-Ring part # 90301-A0026
Strainer/Filter part # ?
Transfer Case Fluid Change


Vehicle Modifications

Add a 5-Flat Trailer Electrical Connector
Crossbar Alternative - Using Eyelet Bolts
Fog Lights - Intallation and Wiring (Non-stalk Switch & Anytime Turn-On Override)
HID Kit - Low Beam Install
Hood Stuts Installed
Rear Bumper LED Light Install

Anytime Backup Camera Mod
Dash Speaker Replalcement
Driver-side Switch Panel Replacement
Interior Bulb Specs for Replacement & Interior Bulb Replacement
Navigation Override Install & Alternate Crux Override Install
Prevent Rattling in Tailgate Around JBL Subwoofer
Prevent Rattling on Plastic Tray in Center Console
Opening center console to access pushbutton switches, etc

Interior sound deadening.

Start/Stop disable install

Adapting Lexus Wallet Smartkey to Highlander
OEM Accessories Install Instructions
Body Side Molding (OEM) - Instructions and Install Pics & Alternate Directions Link
Crossbar Kit (OEM - With Side Rail) Install Instructions
Crossbar Kit (OEM - Without Side Rail) Install Instructions
Door Edge Guard (OEM) Install Instructions
Mudguards (OEM) Install Instructions
RS3200 Plus Alarm (OEM) Install Instructions
Remote Start (OEM) Install Instructions
Running Board (OEM) Install Instructions
Trailer Wire Harness (OEM) Install Instructions
Tow Hitch (OEM) Install Instructions

If anybody has a suggestion for a thread that should be in this thread that is not, PM me 👍

Also, we encourage members to help their fellow TNers out by putting together definitive DIY threads such as oil change, transmission fluid change, etc. Those are always very much appreciated! -- TrailDust
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